June 4, 2023

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The leader of the PQ has slammed his candidate for filming a “transparent” film.

Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon reiterated his “full support” for a candidate who starred in a pornographic film, a local media outlet reported. He condemns this soil, which he describes as “disgusting”.

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“Let the one who does not consume fornication here or in society cast the first stone. At one point, hypocrisy has its limits, the PQ leader hammered.

Andrianne Fiola, a woman in her early twenties, is the Laval-des-Rapides party candidate. He was the target of an article last year that revealed he had starred in a pornographic video posted online.

“I reiterate my support, I want his candidacy not to be reduced to a part of his past, which is very unfair, Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon emphasized.

“We’re going to stand by her and she’s going to come out of this with her head held high,” said an emotional chef. He emphasized that the candidate was doing “significant” environmental work and that he was “intelligent”.

Content removed

In the Facebook post, Ms Fiola confirmed that she was involved in the “production of explicit digital content published on several adult platforms”.

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She mentions that everything was done in a consensual way, but her face is not shown to preserve her anonymity.

“Although I fully accept my actions and my choices, the content was removed at my request some time ago because I do not wish to expose my privacy in this way,” he wrote.

“I regret the consequences for those around me and I will not make this kind of choice again,” he continues, before thanking his boss for his faith and indicating that he will continue his campaign.

“There was a secrecy around it. She was not identified, Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon protested. And overnight, the person finds themselves in a bad situation, and I have to say it’s disgusting, I don’t accept it.”

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Liberal values

A local media outlet revealed the facts on Friday. The article quoted Liberal candidate Michel Trottier, former leader of Parti Laval.me Fiola has already been a candidate. Mr. Trottier, had he known, would never have accepted him as a candidate.

In the afternoon, Mr. Trottier posted a note on Facebook apologizing.

“I have known Andrean and his family for a long time. He is a very valuable person and I respect him very much,” he wrote.

He concludes by offering his support. “I want to give him all my support, but above all, I apologize for my reaction. Society changes and evolves. It was the reaction of a father upset by an unexpected revelation. I’m sorry.”

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Invited to respond to the comments of his star candidate in Laval, Mme Anglade declined to comment directly on the file, but defended his candidacy’s values.

“What I think is that Mr. Trottier represents liberal values ​​very well, and the Parti Québécois should choose its own candidates,” affirmed Dominique Anglade, arguing that liberal values ​​are “well-known and inclusive.”

Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon, for his part, said the party’s nominating committee, Mr.me Fiola on the whole. “And the choice we’ve made as a political party is, ‘It’s her past, she’s cleared it all, she has an exemplary role in society, she has a master’s degree in environmentalism, and we choose to consider that for all of that.'”

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