February 6, 2023

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“The loss of a nurse is more than a piece of bread”

Who replaces the nurse suspended for eating peanut butter toast? Amid staff shortages, Montérégie-Est’s Quebec Interprofessional Health Federation condemns “excessive” disciplinary action. “The loss of a nurse is much more than a piece of bread,” protests its president Brigitte Petrie.

“Everything flows and the boss expends energy [une toast au beurre d’arachide] “says M.me Petrie in a telephone interview Pres.

The story told Montreal Journal Friday caused a stir. A resident nurse at CHSLD Chevalier-De Lévis in Longueuil was suspended without pay for three days after eating peanut butter toast for residents.

Photo by Josie Desmarais, The Press

CHSLD du Chevalier-De Levis in Longueuil.

In its suspension letter, the Montérégie-Est Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) described the employee’s action as a “serious breach”. [ses] Obligations of loyalty and honesty.”

An “excessive” disciplinary action could cost him a valuable nurse, upsetting the union.

According to Brigitte Petrie, the employee, who has only two years’ seniority, is “very mixed”. “She wonders about her boss,” he says.

The incident took place on October 2. The nurse, who did not want to be identified, ate the chickpea flour dosa made available to the residents.

The employee says she has a “stomach ache” because she didn’t have time to eat lunch before coming to work. He also mentions that he didn’t know the gesture was banned.

A month later, on November 3, his boss met him to give his version of the facts. “Surprised and angered,” the nurse didn’t receive a warning, backing the union.

1R He received letters of suspension on December 5, 9 and 11. Repeat offenders risk serious action, including dismissal.

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“Your deficiencies have significant negative consequences for both the establishment’s reputation and your professional credibility,” it says.

Photo courtesy of Brigitte Petrie

Brigitte Petrie, President of the Quebec Interprofessional Health Federation of Montérégie-Est.

“This is food that ends up in the garbage after a few days. There is no bad intention behind it,” laments Brigitte Petrie.

Meanwhile, the health network is struggling to keep its head above water. “Emergency rooms are overflowing. Everyone does mandatory overtime. It won’t work slope “, she lets go.

“On the days of his suspension, it will create mandatory overtime for other colleagues,” he decried.

The union filed a petition challenging the disciplinary action.

CISSS declined to comment

By email, CISSS de la Montérégie-Est declined to comment on the file “to protect the confidentiality of the employee. »

“We understand the idea that it may come out in the context of labor shortages,” replied publicist Caroline Doucet.

“When critical situations are reported, they must be evaluated in their context and in their entirety. We apply sanctions considering the decision and case law in this matter,” he added.

The union says it tried to join the CISSS on Friday, without success.

“We’re going to go all the way, but I think it’s good that the boss is back [sur sa décision]. There are more pressing issues to deal with,” says Brigitte Petrie.