August 12, 2022

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The man who was swimming near Habitat 67 is still missing

A man who went swimming in a dangerous stretch of the St. Lawrence River has been missing since Friday.

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A well-known place for surfers to practice their sport, Habitat 67 is behind this famous Montreal architectural landmark.

A single person in their thirties would have showered without a life jacket and without a surfboard. He used to go to this place for swimming.

The swimmer reportedly went into the water for a swim and waved to tourists on the beach. After a few seconds, he waved his arms that he needed help before being quickly swept away by the current.

A nearby surfer would have tried everything to help him, but in vain.

“There is no place to swim here, the current is high. If one doesn’t know how to navigate the place, they can easily find themselves under the Concord Bridge,” explained a regular surfer in the area.

An SPVM spokesperson said the search was called off on Saturday because the current was too strong to allow it to continue safely.

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