May 31, 2023

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The National Capital Region is still inundated

Bourbonnais-Cumberland-Masson Ferries and ferries between Lefaivre and Montebello will be closed until further notice.

As water levels continue to rise, we will be suspending our operations tonight, Tuesday, May 2, at 10 p.m. Thank you to our entire team for a job well done for putting in the effort necessary to keep the boats open during this flood.Traversiers Bourbonnais-Cumberland-Masson Ferries wrote on its Facebook page Tuesday afternoon.

The company did not say when the lanes would reopen.

Bourbonnais-Cumberland-Maison ferries will be closed until further notice.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Nellie Alberola

On Monday, Traverse Montebello Limited announced that it would suspend its operations from 6 p.m.R may

The ferry service linking Clarence with the municipality of Thurso has also been closed due to flooding, its website said.

Many Catino families are asking for help

The effects of rising water have begun to be felt in many sectors of the National Capital Region.

In response to the situation, the city of Catino announced on Tuesday that a disaster relief center will open on Wednesday morning at 89, rue Jean-René-Monette. The municipality said the service will be accessible as long as there is demand.

A flooded street.

The impact of the heavy rains that have been falling for the past few days continues to be seen in the area.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Nellie Alberola

On Wednesday morning, Pascal Mathieu, vice-president of the Red Cross for Quebec, noted that so far 74 Godino families have received assistance, mainly for shelter.

Clearly, the flooding this year was significant, but not on the scale we experienced in 2017 and 2019. Additionally, pharmaceutical works have been done. The city has done infrastructure work and there are families who were flooded in 2017-2019.Says he has experienced all the disasters in Quebec since 2013. Matthew explained.

Admittedly important Challenge The Red Cross is about finding shelter for all citizens because Hotels are overcrowded during floods.

In some cases, we find hotels outside the city, but it is not easy. There are school going children, [de sorte que] This is not possible for all families. This is an ongoing challenge in Catino.

The Union Bridge at Sautiere Crossing was completely closed to automobile and pedestrian traffic Tuesday.

The Ministere des Transports et de la Mobilité Déable closed Route 307 in both directions under the Traverse Bridge.

Cope with the situation

Between discouragement and resilience, disaster-stricken residents try to organize themselves. This is especially the case with Sylvie Gono.

Interviewed on the show Here are the morningsThe former municipal councilor of the Bellevue district lives on Boulevard Hurtubise, an area particularly affected by flooding.

[La rue] Completely buried, even riprap. The water breached the city’s designated lane for emergency vehiclesshe explained. This morning, the water has risen enough that we are going to try the kayaks. We haven’t gotten to the motorized boats yet, but it will make it easier to get to and from dry land. […] At the end of the day, I doubt the road will be closed even to emergency vehicles.

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Ms. Goneau has already experienced such a situation in 2017. At that time, he had to rebuild his house after heavy floods that year.

I agree that we should not build new houses, but for those already established, established, let us build land. […] and adapting to new realities. »

A quote Sylvie Goneau, resident of rue Hurtubise and former municipal councillor

It stays with you, the body remembers it, it’s very difficult to live with the announcements of the city, because they – and it’s not their fault – are very alert. […] To be riprap, trucks, machinery, it evokes shock, it creates a certain anxietyHe explained, encouraging victims to seek psychological help to cope with the situation.

A car with a kayak on its roof rolls through the water on a marked road "Local transport only".

Certain areas are impassable due to floods.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Mateo Garcia-Tremblay

Still, it’s not out of the question for her to consider moving, especially now that her house has been raised to face the risk of flooding.

The land here is part of my family. It is hereditary, I am a resident by birth. […] It’s not really the end of the world until the government gives people the tools to protect themselves and protect themselves and live on an island once a year until we come back and leave.Did she say After that, life will return to normal.

Municipalities alert

In eastern Ontario, the mayor of Clarence-Rockland, Mario Sant, acknowledged the situation was dire, but gave no indication that water levels would reach those recorded in 2017 and 2019.

Another foot is estimated to rise by Friday. Everything is under control. We focus on the needs of affected citizens.

In the Outaouais, the mayor of Mansfield-et-Pontefract, Sandra Armstrong, noted that the current water level is 108.53 cm, thus exceeding the 2017 level.

In Fort-Coulonge, Mayor Christine Francoeur confirmed to Radio-Canada that water levels are higher than they reached in 2017 with some dust.

108.52 cm in 2017 and 108.60 cm today. We bought another pump [mercredi] morning, [car il y avait] High pressure in sewage pond.

With information by Claudine Richard and Camille Kasisi-Monet