September 25, 2022

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The Ottawa Convoy does not have a locker for the mother

A Catino mother walked away without a criminal record after pleading guilty to charges related to a “freedom convoy” she participated in with her two young children in Ottawa in February.

Camille Drouin, 32, appeared alone in an Ottawa court. “I plead guilty,” said Drouin was charged with mischief for taking part in an illegal truckers’ demonstration seven months earlier.

She refused to leave

“This convoy created a lot of stress For residents of Ottawa It created significant financial losses for the companies. A state of emergency was even declared by the city mayor”, later recalled the public prosecutor.

More specifically, the charges against Camille Drouin date back to February 18, 2022. Despite several requests from the authorities, the mother of the family refused to leave the “freedom vehicle” on this day.

“The police asked him to leave. Mme Drouin refused to move and remained in a sitting position, which led to his arrest,” the prosecutor summarized.

Camille Drouin - Convoy of Truckers

Camille Drouin / Facebook

No criminal record

La Catino, a mechanic by trade living in the Aylmer area, finally escaped without a criminal record.

“It’s in your best interest and in the best interest of society not to have a criminal record, because it could put you in a situation where you can’t find the job you want, for example,” the judge noted, thus granting him the condition. Forgiveness

She also said the 30-year-old cannot participate in many activities with her 2- and 5-year-old children with a criminal record. Note that the judge also recalled that he had a “minor” role in the “Freedom Movement”.

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For these reasons, Camille Drouin is sentenced to 12 months of probation and 30 hours of community service.

“Great Experience for Kids”

Newspaper He also found that Mme Drouin posted photos of her children on her Facebook page last February, including one in a stroller at the heart of a convoy of truck drivers.

Camille Drouin - Convoy of Truckers

Camille Drouin / Facebook

“What a positive energy there, it’s amazing. The people are great, it’s a great experience for the kids,” commented the mother under the photo.

Camille Drouin - Convoy of Truckers

Camille Drouin / Facebook

Remember, a convoy of truckers cost the city of Ottawa nearly $37 million, according to its estimates in June.

The demonstration paralyzed the capital’s city center for more than three weeks. Many residents of the capital have complained of not being able to sleep during this period Incessant honking.

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