November 30, 2023

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The pressure in the emergency room continues

The pressure in the emergency room continues

Especially after knowing the busy week, Quebec’s emergency rooms did not sound on Friday. Many hospitals had a stay rate of over 150%. In search of solutions, some workers are calling for the withdrawal of the “one call, one appointment” line created during epidemics to care for non-emergency pediatric illnesses.

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Arian Lagorsier

Arian Lagorsier

“It has been a great help, especially in pediatrics,” D notesD. Judy Morris, President of the Quebec Emergency Physicians Association.

Remy Paulila, general manager and owner of Mieux-Être Medical Centers in Montreal, is a firm believer that this line will be restarted. “It simply came to our notice then. Our doctors can really help remove emergency rooms, mr. Paulila says. Everyone wants to get it back. ”

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s a shame to remove it, “said TR. Michael Tron is the general coach at GMF in the north of Montreal.

Launched in September 2021, the “Un appel, un rendez-vous” line allowed parents of children with non-urgent health problems to seek counseling. It was discontinued on March 31st. “Currently, hospitals on the island of Montreal are working closely with medical clinics, improving the timing of emergency appointments,” explained the Regional Directorate for Access to First-Class Medical Services at the Montreal DRMG. It is also estimated that Frontline Access Counters (GAP) will be launched, the first phase of which will be operational by the 1st.Er June said, “Two children will help reduce stress in all emergencies, including hospitals. ⁇

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Mr. According to Paulila, the line “an invitation, an appointment” can accurately be “linked to GAP”. “You had a solution. Why did you delete it?” He asks.

These questions arise when emergency rooms are too busy in Quebec on Friday. At Anna-Lபர்berg Hospital in Chattanooga, the afternoon was 178%. These emergencies have been particularly busy for months. Due to staff shortages, the company had to close 15 beds in April. The 253-bed establishment has these beds in addition to the 25 beds that need to be closed at the onset of infections.

D.D. Morris explains that heavy traffic in emergency rooms in the province is largely explained by “the hospital’s lack of capacity and staff.” D.D. Morris points out that until recently the “COVID bonus” given to health workers had been withdrawn, which would “further complicate the situation”, especially with the arrival of summer, which was already a difficult period in terms of staff.

At the Ministry of Health and Social Services, he said, “Summer is a time of worries for staff availability, especially for nurses.” “Companies have a variety of options at their disposal to ensure the maintenance and upkeep of services for users, while at the same time trying to protect employees from the effects of these labor issues,” we say. The ministry says no specific incentive measures for the summer are currently being considered, promising to “ensure a close monitoring of the situation”.