January 17, 2022

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The Supreme Court allows Sherman to publish estate files

The Sherman family has been trying for more than two years to stop journalist Kevin Donovan Toronto Star, To capture the documents in question.

Lawyers for the family argued that there was a reasonable risk that the release of the inheritance documents would endanger the lives of the heirs. They recalled that no suspect had been arrested so far and that the killer was not identified and that the heirs could be abducted or murdered.

However, in its conclusion, the Trustees write that the Supreme Court of Canada has specifically failed to show that the release of such documents endangers the lives of members of the Sherman family.

The Supreme Court of Canada heard the Sherman family’s appeal in October 2020 in Ottawa.

Photo: ICI Radio-Canada / Jean-Sebastian Marrier

The seven judges who heard Sherman’s family’s appeal also wrote that a sealing order should never have been confirmed in the first place.

At these hearings, the rights to privacy and anonymity clashed with the public interest in a case that had a major impact on the press due to the transparency and reputation and fortune of the courts. Of the two victims and the circumstances in which they died.

Toronto Star reporter Kevin Donovan walks out of Ontario Court of Appeals.

Toronto Star reporter Kevin Donovan has filed a second-round appeal against the Sherman family.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jean-Philippe Nadeo

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the lower court judge, who was in favor of reporter Kevin Donovan’s request.

Judge Dunphy of the Ontario Court of Appeals ruled that the allegations raised by the Sherman family were not valid grounds for sealing documents and violating open court policy.

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However, while the family is awaiting trial in the Ontario High Court in 2018, it was persuaded to keep the desirable documents under seal.

Immediate reaction

In one statement, the four children of the murdered couple write that they continue to respect their parents’ work, heritage and memory. They say they are still united in grief and will renew their support for the Toronto Police to clarify this. Terrible crimes.

They declined to comment further.

Toronto Star Building.

The Toronto Star won the final round of the legal counterpart daily for more than two years.

Photo: Canadian Press / Eduardo Lima

Lawyers Toronto Star Instead they argued that the risk was imaginary, that it was not based on any evidence and that the Toronto police were unaware of the existence of such risks.

The policy of the open courts is, in their view, a guarantee that justice will be administered in a transparent manner. In this sense, the public has the right to examine judicial proceedings accordingly.

Lawyers Star He recalled that he did not want to publish important data such as the identity and contact details of the persons mentioned in the inheritance documents on a daily basis and that editing some information would not cause any problem.