November 30, 2022

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The three zodiac signs with approximate weekly horoscopes from October 3 to 9, 2022

Three zodiac signs will have approximate weekly horoscopes from October 3, 2022, to October 9, 2022. Here’s what to expect during this charged week with the sun in Libra and the moon in Aries.

In the week we’ve come to experience both Mercury and Pluto in action right after their long retrogrades, they seem to have one last practical joke left to lure us into the shape of the Mercury trine Pluto – a transit that will make many people want to hide their heads in the sand.

It’s one of those “just when you think it’s safe to get back in the water” transit, and in our case, it’s about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and being super embarrassed about it.

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Our week begins with Moon in Capricorn, which automatically puts a physical spin on everything we do.

With retreats now finally out of our way, we may want to dive into something we’re not used to doing, and we may also end up looking naive and stupid even to try.

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