July 1, 2022

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These worthy representatives of the Queen who caused the controversy

The Constitution of Canada is subject to monarchy. That is, the Queen of England is represented by the Governor-General and the Lieutenant Governor, the true head of state of Canada.

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These deserving ambassadors of the monarchy, who benefit from the salaries paid by the taxpayers, are not the source of controversy. Most recently, Mary Simon spent nearly $ 100,000 on food for herself and her guests during her last trip to the Middle East.

Here are three events that made headlines for the escape of these representatives of the Queen.

1. Michael Jean

The appointment of Michael Jean, a former journalist of Haitian descent, was promising. Members of the community traveled to Ottawa to attend the swearing-in ceremony of their statue. Michael Jean was the first black man to hold this position.

But controversy erupted early on. The man who called for the “reunification of the two sects” in Canada had already expressed his support for the sovereign movement in Quebec.

Shortly afterwards, at the Press Gallery’s annual exhibition in Ottawa, the monarch’s new representative caused discomfort during a speech.

Within minutes of being abandoned, the intoxicated man said he had raised his glasses to “liberate Canada” and wanted to make himself “crazy” and offered the post of governor of Canada. Public because she was “hot”.

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The former newsreader shocked animal rights activists during his 2009 visit to Nunavut. After that, after eating the raw seal heart, he said, “It was delicious and full of protein.” Faced with the outcry, he justified himself by saying he wanted to pay homage to Inuit’s culture.

However, the worst controversy erupted after he took office as governor-general. His spending as secretary-general of the international organization La Francophonie caused a lot of reactions. Our Bureau of InvestigationMe Jean spent half a million dollars of public funds to provide for himself an official rented house in Paris.

2. Julie Byte

The appointment of this former Quebec astronaut to an inspiring career in 2017 delighted the public. However, the latter had to announce his resignation in 2021 amid turbulent circumstances.

A report revealed that the scientist had created a “toxic environment and a culture of fear” at Rido Hall.

A dozen former employees have described Julie Payet’s anger to CBC News. During her crisis, she screams and insults her staff.

According to Radio-Canada, the former astronaut also created a similar climate in 2016 when he switched to the management of the Montreal Science Center.

These worthy representatives of the Queen who caused the controversy

Chandel Bourier / Le Journal de Montreal

This information came as a shock to the public. Faced with public pressure, Julie Bait was forced to resign before the end of her decree.

His resignation sparked new debates over the governorship. Many analysts have denied the amount paid as pensions in the Governor-General’s pension scheme.

According to their calculations, MMe Boyd will receive $ 4.8 million if he continues to receive this pension until he is 90 years old.

3. Liz Thibault

Former editor and author Lise Thibault made history in 1997 when she became Quebec’s first lieutenant-governor. However, his tradition marked by the time he was on the court was very mixed.

These worthy representatives of the Queen who caused the controversy

Jean-Fran்கois Descognos / Journal

In the early 2000s, Liz Thibault gained a reputable reputation. Her involvement in many charities has made her a highly respected person. However, a survey was conducted The Montreal Journal Exemplifies the princely lifestyle of the former lieutenant-governor.

In 2009, during his tenure, which lasted from 1997 to 2007, he demanded $ 700,000 from various levels of government to repay trips, banquets, food, golf and ski training and gifts.

In December 2014, he pleaded guilty to six counts of fraud and breach of trust. On September 30, 2015, she was sentenced to 18 months in prison. He owed $ 200,000 to the federal government and $ 100,000 to the provincial government.

Financial IssuesMe Thibo continued when he was released from prison three months later. The latter declared bankruptcy after selling his house to repay governments. The taxpayer demanded $ 1.4 million from him.