April 1, 2023

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Two Cubes killed in Mexico | “Fanny was in the wrong place at the wrong time”

The family of Fanny Lorraine, a 38-year-old woman who was murdered at Rafael Happe in Mexico on Monday, confirmed that she was at her sick friend’s apartment during the tragedy and that there was nothing in it to keep track of him. To commit any fraudulent act.

Released at 12:00 p.m.

Daniel Renat

Daniel Renat

“My cousin would never have started projects, she’s not such a person,” Romy Lorraine assures.

Fanny’s mother, Linda Bedard, and he agreed to meet Press On Thursday, he talked about the young woman and explained the reasons why she was in Habeb’s shelter, contrary to what Mexican authorities initially announced, not a friend and his wife.

Rafael Hubbe has been charged with fraud in Quebec and has been in Mexico since 2016, possibly implicitly escaping Canadian justice.

Setting accounts due to potential fraud or theft are two key concepts currently used by Mexican police.

Cover of the book by Rafael Hubby and published in 2015

Rafael Hubby

“On Sunday, just hours before she died, I spoke to Fanny on the phone. She told me she was spending the night with Raphael because he had a fever and she would monitor his temperature and she was afraid he was suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. She told me: “He’s a boy. He does not want to go to the hospital. In Mexico, everything happens slowly on weekends in hospitals.” She said she would be taken to the hospital the next day. But she was killed. She came to the wrong place at the wrong time, “she said.Me Bedard.

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Founded in Mexico

The two women have no idea how Fanny Lorraine met Rafael Hubby a year ago. She rarely told them about him, did not think he might have been targeted or threatened, they believe.

“If she had been his wife, she would have told us,” Fanny Lorraine’s mother and cousin promise.

The young woman, who had lived in Mexico for a few years, had her own apartment in Playa del Carmen, except for a short time in Quebec.

Fanny Lorraine, who speaks French, English, Spanish and Portuguese, communicated with Alcoholics Anonymous and worked in customer service at a local food and protein company to pay for her housing and other expenses.

The young woman, who already lived in Cancun, planned to live in this city. She was going to buy a plane ticket in anticipation of her upcoming return to Quebec in a few weeks.

It rings the doorbell

Two police officers from the Sûreté du Québec were arrested.Me Who told him about the deaths of Bedart and his daughter on Tuesday. “They were very respectful. They told me it was a suspicious death,” he explains.

The next day, she found out through the media that her daughter had been killed.

I would not have expected it! Anyone, but she is not! She is the ray of sunlight. Never trivial. It’s unimaginable, what an injustice everything she went through in life, she marked them

Linda Bedard, Fanny’s mother

Growing up in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Fannie Lorrain’s life was marked by social involvement and international collaboration.

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He has helped hundreds of people, in Quebec or elsewhere in the world, to name only their families, whether at a youth center, club 2/3 or the Mercad Monte organization in Montreal.

Photo provided by family

In the years of Fanny Lorraine International collaboration

“She was always ready to help, always saw the good in people. She was a spiritual woman with a missionary soul. She was a co-ordinator. She always respected, loved people, trusted them and gave them a chance,” said her mother and cousin.

“She’s glowing and she’s a little pearl. She’s always been happy, active, full – time and very dedicated. She fought against injustice and fought for social causes. I’m shocked. From the first international collaboration to Mer et Monde, Fanny Lorraine worked there in 2012.

“Half of my life is just gone. Living with it is not easy, ”concludes Linda Bedard.

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