July 4, 2022

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[VIDÉO] Five bullets in the legs for anything

[VIDÉO] Five bullets in the legs for anything

Young men who dragged a contractor into a parking lot and shot him five times face up to 10 years in prison.

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“I can not accept or forgive what they did … I would have understood if I had been involved in criminal cases, but it happened for no reason. I am an innocent victim, ”Roberto Celli testified emotionally in Montreal court yesterday.

The victim, Roberto Celli, also appeared in court with his sister yesterday.

Photo by Chandel Fourier

The victim, Roberto Celli, also appeared in court with his sister yesterday.

The businessman, who is still swimming in complete misunderstanding, re-immersed himself in the drama he enjoyed on April 5, 2019 as a gift from Emmanuel Sarbonno and Jonathan Shinkenke.

At that time, Mr. Celly worked as a manager in a company that rents out a music studio, one of which was occupied by Sarbonno. To that extent, when a stranger called him on a lucky day, about the rent of the premises, the victim did not suspect anything. She went to meet him, believing he was going to meet a potential customer.

Mr. Celli then went to the crossroads with Shinkenko.

” [Le tireur] Putting his left hand in his pocket and slowly advancing, he takes the gun from his pocket and fires it in his direction when he is within three feet of the victim, ”the summary of facts states.

Victim on the ground

After the first blow, the victim fell to the ground. Shinkenke fired four more shots, again kicking in the legs. An elderly couple just behind.

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The shooter then fled in a black Dodge caravan rented by Sarbonno. However, it did not take long for the police to arrest the two culprits. They found a Gold.45 caliber pistol and clothing and placards used in the crime in the vehicle.

The accused, Emmanuel Sarbono, appeared in Montreal court yesterday.

Photo by Chandel Fourier

The accused, Emmanuel Sarbono, appeared in Montreal court yesterday.

“There is no indication that the victim was involved in organized crime or that she ran after it. She was completely innocent. It was violent, but it was done with cold,” he said.And Philip Valiers-Roland, Crown Representative M.A.And Claudine Scharest.

Serious consequences

Instead of going to trial, both defendants, now 33 and 22, admitted the facts, so they were found guilty of aggravated assault and possession of a firearm.

According to the crown, these crimes do not deserve imprisonment of less than 10 years, especially since the victim suffered severe consequences.

Mr Celli, who is still in physiotherapy, explained, “I do not want anyone to pass what I have passed.”

He can no longer work and live with disabilities.

“This is an event that still shocks me,” he said. Celli’s wife said her sister testified that “their lives have changed forever”.

Too soft

When he went to shoot the victim, Shinkenke admitted that he was “not going to play cards”.And Alexandra Longville believes the king’s recommendation is too harsh. He recommends six years, taking into account the age and immaturity of his client.

MAnd Richard Tavill recommended five years to his client Sarbonio for his part, insisting that he strictly respects his terms and that he has a stable job.

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Judge Andre Vincent will deliver his verdict next month.

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