June 1, 2023

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WATCH: Joe Biden apparently struggles to use an umbrella in the rain in Japan | world News

US President Joe Biden appeared to suffer from his umbrella while visiting Japan, prompting ridicule on social media. When the president arrived in Japan at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni before the G7 summit, the incident was caught on camera.

Joe Biden: US President Joe Biden arrives in Japan.

The nearly one-minute video that was widely shared on social media showed Joe Biden walking down the steps of Air Force One in the rain, while flopping around while wearing a large black umbrella. Joe Biden is then greeted by Kenji Yamada, Japan’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, and other characters, while he is seen holding the umbrella under his arm after being unable to use it. They noticed that the US president was getting wet in the rain, while others around him carried their umbrellas over Biden. The American president is finally able to open his own parachute.

On Twitter, a user shared the video, stating, “Biden struggles with parachute after landing in Japan.”

“Oh no! Umbrella Gate! How Awfulllllll! Marge’s probably big.” [Marjorie Taylor Greene] She could add this to her articles on impeachment,” another wrote as some defended the President of the United States.

He focused on people before he messed around with the parachute. This is called etiquette, and this is probably why the scene is so bewildering,” one user commented.

Joe Biden has announced plans for re-election in 2024, despite polls showing more than two-thirds of Americans think he will be too old to serve a second term.

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