September 28, 2022

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Weather Conditions | Cold weather in Quebec after storms

It’s almost like falling. Temperatures will be cool this weekend almost everywhere in Quebec, but will start to rise again early next week. This cold weather explains why violent thunderstorms affected many parts of the south of the province on Thursday.

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Henri Ouellette-Vezina

Henri Ouellette-Vezina

“For all Quebec, the weekend will be five or ten degrees below seasonal norms,” ​​said Environment Canada meteorologist Guillo Boron in an interview. Press.

He says even this year’s low temperature records may be reached in some areas, including Abbott-Demiskaming. “In Val-d’Or, in particular, we expect at least one degree. On June 19, there is a record of zero degrees. So it can be achieved overnight,” the federal agency expert justified.

Also, this cold temperature, reminiscent of “an early autumn day” according to meteorologists, earlier this week, largely explains why Quebec was hit by strong storms again.

“There’s a descent of fresh air coming back from the north, and it’s now descending towards Quebec. Mr. Peron continues.

Rain is also expected in many parts of the country on Saturday and Sunday. In Montreal, however, the rain will end on Saturday afternoon. The sky will be cloudy on Saturday, just before the sun returns on Sunday. Winds will reach 50km / h in the city this weekend and 30km / h from the northwest.

Hugo-Sébastien Aubert, La Presse

Rain is expected to continue in many parts of the state on Saturday and Sunday. In Montreal, however, the rain will end on Saturday afternoon.

By Monday, hot weather will return to Quebec, especially in the southern and western parts of the province, including Montreal. “Most summer weather should return in the middle of the week, and some days should be close to 30 degrees,” Guillo Peron said.

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70 million storms

For the second time in a month, heavy thunderstorms hit parts of southern Quebec and Ontario last Thursday, again causing power outages, floods and other damage. In Montreal, several catch basins have been closed, and the city said low-lying areas such as lanes under flyovers should be temporarily closed. This was especially the case at the Agadi Roundabout, which was renovated in 2015 to prevent flooding. Dozens of foundations of private apartments were also flooded.

“We can expect more storms and severe weather episodes in the next few years,” said Maxime Desharnais, a Canadian environmental meteorologist. Press.

Jupiter was hit by thunderstorms on Thursday, May 21, just weeks after other severe storms swept through southern Quebec and Ontario. This first storm caused the loss of electricity to 550,000 Quebec customers, costing Hydro-Quebec more than $ 70 million.

“This is one of the events that will require more ground work after the 1998 blizzard,” Hydro-Quebec said in a statement. The worst affected areas are Outauais, Laurentians, Lanaudière, Mauricie and Capitale-Nationale.

Keep in mind that this is a terrestrial type event that has hit the province. It is a rain line with a rough thunderstorm that moves very fast and can travel up to 1000 kilometers in a few hours. In Quebec, the last time Terego occurred was in 1999.