May 24, 2022

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Weather: Snow and rain in Quebec

Most parts of Quebec have been experiencing winter-like weather since Monday night, so it is expected to snow with rain by Tuesday evening.

Snowfall of 5 cm to 10 cm is expected in southern and central Quebec on Tuesday, according to Environment Canada’s forecast released by the Special Weather Service.

In Montreal, we expect to get 5 cm, while in the areas north of Montreux and Montreal, an accumulation of about 10 cm or more is expected.

“Visibility will be greatly reduced on Tuesday morning with heavy snowfall,” the agency said.

In Estrie, Quebec and Beauce, there is a risk of rapid melting of snow and rain, especially in the afternoon and along the coast.

In La Duc, wet snow lasted until Wednesday, with 10 cm of ground below the ground, according to the Federal Agency.

15 cm in fields a little further north-east of the province, especially on the north coast and the September-Isles.

On the other hand, the temperature, even if they are still cold, is above freezing everywhere in Quebec.

  • Listen to QQB Radio interview with Patrick de Bellefeuille, a weather announcer and climate change expert at MétéoMédia:

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