November 30, 2022

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“World turned upside down”: An emergency doctor with arsenic poisoning urges government to act

Emergency physician Catherine Falardo is leaving her hometown and her patients behind and asking the government to keep her pants on to protect her health and that of her family.

Catherine Falardeau, an emergency physician established in Rouen-Noranda, Abitibi-Témiscamingue for twenty years, decided to leave her region and her patients when she realized she had arsenic in her blood. He said during the program. The world is upside downFriday night.

The doctor, who arrived in Abitibi in 1999, tried to raise the alarm with an artist friend in 2005 after the Ministry of Environment published a report on emissions of arsenic and other problematic mine tailings. The two women set up a shock installation called “Casing Nothing” but were quickly rejected.

In 2019, 20 years after her arrival, the mother of four decided to leave her region after suffering from arsenic poisoning.

Currently, the horn smelter is limited to an arsenic emission limit of 15 ng/m.3 Within five years. However the limit exceeds the Quebec standard of 3 ng/m3.

“I’m a mom. At home, I make the rules. I expect the government I’m going to vote for to make the rules, and then the Horn Foundry makes its decision, not the other way around,” she told Stephen Bureau.

Note that outgoing Premier François Legault believes the fate of the Horn foundry should be decided by the citizens of Rouen-Noranda and that the CAQ government will close the plant if the majority wants it.

Dominique Marais points the finger at the media

Guest on the set of the show The world is upside downDominique Marais, star host of CHOI Radio X, pointed to easy criticism from some media outlets, including Radios de Quebec.

Stephen Bureau questioned the media treatment and the coarse language of some of the station hosts. The media became an easy target for criticism. “The ruthlessness comes the other way,” he told the Stephen Bureau, stressing that he too has been the target of harsh criticism from the public and other media outlets.

“We are locked in commitment, we are in echo chambers. We need to talk to each other,” he added.

A lively debate on the instrumentalization of immigration

The panel of debaters of the week, Biz, Yasmine Abdelfadel, Guy Nantel and Sophie Durocher, held a lively debate on the question of the instrumentalization of immigration as a political strategy. They discussed that week’s special guest, Guylaine Tremblay, who plays Anna on the TVA series. Anna and ArnaudOpens the door to a discussion of the new face of domesticity.

Former TVA sports journalist Nancy Audet confides in Stephen Bureau about the DPJ’s shortcomings and the apparent lack of foster families, which have not been discussed much during the current election campaign. Author, Deity of Youth Foundation of TPJ, published recently Never Shame Again: The Improbable Journey of a Little Prick, In Editions de l’Homme.

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