April 17, 2024

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100 cars collided in China due to icy roads, everyone is still alive

100 cars collided in China due to icy roads, everyone is still alive

100-Car collisions in China

Icy roads cause serious accidents.

No deaths have been reported

The aftermath of a 100-car crash in China looks absolutely terrifying on camera… yet, everyone seems to have survived the horrific ordeal.

Chinese state media released the video, which has now gone viral on all social media, on Friday, which showed a large group of cars crashing into each other at strange angles, with one vehicle even coming to rest on top of several other cars at a near vertical angle.

Debris litters the highway in the video, and people can be seen getting out of cars and looking to help fellow drivers who have been involved in the collision… but local police say everyone is largely okay with only a few people injured.

Traffic police in Suzhou Industrial Park posted on the social media platform WeChat saying that three people went to the hospital with their injuries and six others suffered minor scratches… but, according to them, everyone is still alive.

Reuters points to the recent wave of bad weather as the main reason behind this accident… saying that the country was exposed to snow storms and heavy rain.

Media reported that more people were on the roads as well, due to the Lunar New Year holiday.

BTW…such huge incidents are unheard of in China. More than 200 cars were involved in a massive collision in 2022 due to dense fog, according to the state-owned newspaper Global Times. One person reportedly died in that case.

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Everyone seems to be pretty much okay here, but… nothing short of a miracle really.

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