15-25 cm of snow, ice: area to watch

15-25 cm of snow, ice: area to watch

Radars have two pulses. Freezing rain will pull in southern Quebec first. The second action of the system takes snow.

Southern Quebec, very spoiled

A projected width of a little more sectors to the north, should call itself the south of Quebec. Surprise! A broad band from the Outais to the St. Lawrence River, including the Laurentians and the greater Montreal area, is more likely to receive good amounts of snow. 25 cm especially in high areas.

Montreal is one of the lucky ones: 15 to 20 cm of snow is now on the radar for the metropolis.

Ice with it?

However, one element should be closely monitored: mixed precipitation. Snow is possible in southern Quebec, which will have a significant impact on snow accumulation.

Freezing rain is also not impossible. Wednesday morning and Thursday morning are the best times to watch for this type of rain.

However, it should be remembered that this type of precipitation is difficult to accurately predict due to the specific environment required for its formation. The situation may change in the next few days.

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