$500 as a couple or family for a weekend in Rimouski

0 as a couple or family for a weekend in Rimouski

Visit Bas-Saint-Laurent for the weekend without charging your credit card. Rimoski and its surroundings offer an uncompromising stay for as little as $500, including taxes, whether you’re visiting as a couple or as a family. Here’s our itinerary for a weekend in Rimouski!

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For two


Welcome Motel

Welcome Motel lives up to its name! You can stay in a tastefully renovated room with a double bed upstairs, with a stunning view of the St. Lawrence River, from $92 per night. You have access to a shared kitchen to prepare your meals before tasting them with a mini fridge and water to cool your local produce purchases.


Valley of the Gates of Hell

Mathieu Dupuis / Pas-Saint-Laurent Tourism

There are many activities in and around Rimoski, especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast! Take advantage of the good weather to find out Valley of the Gates of Hell, less than 30 minutes from the city centre. Besides the 20 kilometers of easy trail and mesmerizing waterfalls, you can cross the highest suspended walkway in Quebec. Access allows you to haul your pet for $16.65 per adult.

Saint-Laurent Distillery

Recover from your hike with a tasting of Distillery du Saint-Laurent’s succulent products for $20 per person. From the production area to the aging cellar, you’ll get a better understanding of all the work that goes behind each chip. Its ocean-inspired spirits are simply delicious.

Coastal and Rimouski River Trail

End your day with a free sunset walk at the Centire du Littoral et de la Riviere in Rimouski. By bike or on foot, around 5 kilometers of walks allow you to breathe in the sea air while spotting wildlife.

  • Cost: Free
  • Total Operations: $84.30
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Once you arrive on Friday, head over to the microbrewery Well done, Malt, a plate of appetizers and fish rillettes and a beer tasting will set the tone for your stay for $60. Then bring “on-the-go” food for nature walks. Bakery and sandwich shop Alsace finesse Gets you two delicious sandwiches for $9.95. Do a little grocery shopping for your breakfast and your Saturday evening dinner and don’t leave Rimouski without trying one of the restaurant’s 50 poutine selections. Poutinerie Chef Fred.

  • Expenses:
  • Groceries: $50
  • Finesse d’Alsace: $22.89
  • The Good, The Malt: $79.35
  • Poutinerie Chef Fred: $42.32
  • Total meal: $194.56

* Total for two: $497.27

For a family of 4


Bic National Park

SÉPAQ / Mathieu Dupuis

Get ready for a weekend camping just minutes from Rimouski in the magnificent Big National Park. For $39.20 per night at your self-service tent site, you get your own picnic table, fire pit, time allowed and a view of the St. Lawrence River. Children 17 and under have free access and accommodation at SÉPAQ, and receive free equipment rental.

  • Cost: $114.24, including access for 2 adults
  • Booking: www.sepaq.com


Pointe-au-Père Maritime Historic Site


The Pointe-au-Père Maritime Historic Site is a must-see in Rimouski. There you can visit the Onondaga Submarine and the magnificent Empress of Ireland Museum. Registration is free if your children are 7 and under!

Domain Valka

Go on an adventure in the Maitre Garbo forest at Domaine Valca. The Treetop Aerial Trail Park offers 94 games of high difficulty for young and old with suspension bridges, footbridges, nets and zip lines.

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Bic National Park

SÉPAQ / Mathieu Dupuis

In the evening, you’ll love Bic National Park’s SOS Bats discovery activity to learn more about these impressive flying mammals. Lasting an hour, the animals are friendly to the whole family.

  • Cost: Free
  • The national park offers many free activities, from interpretive activities to hiking.
  • Total Proceeds: $188.65


Between camping and activities around Rimoski, plan to stock up on groceries. Don’t forget to buy marshmallows and cookies for the best S’mores by the fire. For a special Saturday meal, stop by the MacaroniBar restaurant for one of the best macaroni and cheese dishes at an average price of $58 for a family of 4.


  • Groceries: $120
  • Macaronibar: $77
  • Total meal: $197

Total for a family of 4: $499.89

* Estimated gasoline Montreal-Rimoski + trip: 1200 km at $1.80/L: $194.40

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