September 25, 2023

La Ronge Northerner

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A beautiful large yacht by Pierre Poilievre

A beautiful large yacht by Pierre Poilievre

Pierre Poilievre’s only possible strategy with Quebecers was to intoxicate them with compliments and sweet words to convince them to board the beautiful big boat he was building for them.

We heard from the leader of the Conservative Party in Quebec last Friday. To say that a liar is not a good communicator would be a lie. He is outstanding. Since the “post-Mulroney” renaissance of the Conservative Party, he has mastered the French language more than any other person.

He dared to brag about the tenacity of Quebecers to protect our Bill 101, which had already been struck down by the courts at the hands of Ottawa.

What will he do when he condemns Bill 21 of the Supreme Court?

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Words, words…

Meanwhile, Francois Legault, as usual, said nothing.

CAQ continues to lower the bar.

Therefore, the liar should shower us with words.

He invites us to the table and inspires us with his compliments, but we know very well that there will be no food to eat.

The place settings are great, but the plates are empty.


Poilivre praises the determination of Quebecers to protect their language and culture…but his courts condemn laws 21 (secularism) and 96 (new version of law 101).

English Canada’s distaste for these essential projects in Quebec left them no choice but to crush these Quebecers with legislative whips.

When Stephen Harper or Erin O’Toole showed openness to Quebec’s demands, Quebecers did not reward them at the ballot box.

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To these electorates, who are as coherent as pickles, we must give them nothing concrete: mere words, to bamboozle them.

If Pierre Poilievre cites Mes Aïeux and Lucien Bouchard, rest assured, then it is better to put Quebec in its place.