December 8, 2023

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A counterproposal halts negotiations in the Hollywood Writers’ Strike

A counterproposal halts negotiations in the Hollywood Writers’ Strike

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) came to the negotiating table for the first time Friday since the union began the strike in early May.

However, the talks stalled after AMPTP counter-proposed the Writers Guild requests.

“Your negotiating committee received a counter-proposal from AMPTP today. We will evaluate their bid and, after deliberation, get back to them with a WGA response next week,” the federation said in a statement. message to its members Friday.

Hollywood writers and actors are on strike for better wages and working conditions, the first time the two groups have struck together since 1960. Key demands from the writers include guarantees that AI will be limited in functionality, pay for remaining streaming shows and increase the number. From the writers working on the shows.

“Sometimes more progress can be made in negotiations when they are conducted without a detailed description of the moves on each side and a subsequent general dissection of the meaning of the moves,” the union said.

They added, “This will be our approach, at least for now, until there is something significant to report, or unless management uses media or industry alternatives to try to influence the narrative.”

AMPTP invited WGA leaders to speak last week, but the meeting fell through.

Writers’ and actors’ strikes shut down Hollywood. More than 11,000 WGA members are on strike nationwide, and it is now the longest strike in WGA history.

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Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass supported the striking workers, but encouraged the two sides to reach an agreement to improve the city.

“The impact has spilled over into every corner of Los Angeles — from writers and actors on the picket line trying to make ends meet to keep a roof over their heads and their food on the table, to companies that rely on the entertainment industry,” he said in a statement. statement last week.

“The economic conditions of the entertainment industry are changing – and we must react and evolve to meet this challenge,” Bass added. “It is critical that this issue be resolved immediately in order to get Los Angeles back on track and I stand ready to engage personally with all stakeholders in any way I can to help make this happen.”

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