April 16, 2024

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A couple on a 10-hour international flight realize they are sitting in someone else's urine

A couple on a 10-hour international flight realize they are sitting in someone else's urine

Fuzzy urine is the root cause of a recent accident 10 hour flight From Bangkok to Sydney.

This is the word Direct from New Zealand Heraldwhich this week reported on the successful push by a Wellington couple to eventually get a refund after unwittingly spending long hours in the company of a stranger's piss.

The incident allegedly occurred in A Qantas Airlines A flight on December 30, where the two unidentified passengers first noticed a liquid they assumed was water spilled on an airline-branded pillow. Additionally, the duty-free bag, which the couple said contained approximately $70 worth of various items including a headphone case, was also wet after being placed on the floor in front of their seats.

Deeper into the flight, a passenger discovered a “pair of children's underwear” under one of the seats, leading to a terrifying revelation.

“Now we know we've been sitting in urine for 10 hours,” one passenger said Tell the Announce.

Although passengers say they were initially rebuffed for their more than reasonable request for a refund, their efforts actually ended up doing just that.

The complex has contacted Qantas Airways for comment. This story may be updated. In terms of positively childish pissing puns, and New York Post actually He has this on lock. And in case you're wondering, yes, we have A page dedicated to news stories categorized under the urine banner.

Of course, sitting in someone else's urine isn't the craziest thing that's ever happened on a plane, not even this year. As we covered when detailing just how tough 2024 really is when it comes to that Especially the preposterous headlinesAn Alaska Airlines plane recently had to make an emergency landing after a door plug exploded in midair. Likewise, 2023 has been eventful Heaven's prostitution.

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