A funny calculation by our funny immigration minister

A funny calculation by our funny immigration minister

You may not know this, but the Trudeau government has a genius who surpasses Albert Einstein as the author of jokes in bazooka gum pockets.

I am of course talking about the new immigration minister, Mark Miller.

The magic solution!

Asked if he was not afraid that the mass immigration of immigrants planned by his government would worsen the housing crisis, Mr. Miller replied: “On the contrary, it will stop the crisis, because new people will build houses!”

Not bad, right?

Admit it: you didn’t think so!

I know what you’re going to tell me: But who is going to teach these immigrant children? We are already short of teachers!

Well, it’s simple: Just as immigrants solve the housing crisis, they will solve the teacher shortage crisis, because in addition to building houses, they will teach!!!

They will become masons and teachers!

I hear you say: What about the healthcare system? Who will take care of millions of newcomers when they get sick?

But…come on, settlers!

Because they will build houses, become teachers and study medicine!

And who will feed them? Ask the most skeptical among you.

But… immigrants! Because they will become farmers too! And breeders!

They will build houses, teach children, take care of the sick, raise chickens and cows, grow fruits and vegetables!

And the justice system? There is currently a shortage of police officers, prosecutors, interpreters, special constables, corrections officers and clerks.

Abandonment of investigations, abandonment of investigations, crisis of acquittal of dangerous criminals…

Isn’t the influx of all these immigrants likely to topple a system that is already holding a pin?

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No, because these immigrants will become police officers, lawyers, translators, special constables, corrections officers and court clerks!

In addition to building houses, teaching, caring for the sick and praising!

That’s the Miller theory!

This is magic!

Immigrants will solve all the current problems in the country!

Let’s open the floodgates!

Actually, when you think about it, that’s not the half million immigrants we have to accept every year. It’s 10 million!

Can you imagine the number of houses rising from the ground on such a threshold?

It will be amazing! Growing like mushrooms on the walls of our schools!

We will end up with a record number of doctors, policemen and teachers!

Makes me wonder why no one thought of this before…

Fortunately, Mark Miller is here!

Last Friday, Joseph Fagel said in his column that the immigrant lobby is either ignorant or liars.

But no, Joseph, come on! These guys are geniuses! They’re reinventing demographics!

For them, an incoming migrant is not another tenant. It’s still a home builder!

Likewise, it is not yet a patient. He’s still a doctor!

You got nothing!

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