A new room opened in Montreal

A new room opened in Montreal

Montreal, Quebec and the city of Ottawa opened a one-room house, an apartment building for people with very low incomes, on Monday.

Usman Dadi, a worker at the Rachel Frontenac Rooming House, explains that there are 28 rooms for people struggling with mental health and addiction issues.

They’re housed because they’ve lost their shelter, they’ve been in the hospital for a long time, and often they’ve lost their jobs. We allow them to welcome and recover.

Community organization Habitat Montreal now manages the Chamber’s home.

A $5.4 million project funded by the City of Montreal, the federal government and Quebec through the AcèsLogis program. A social housing scheme scrapped by the Legault government.

If Habitat Montreal wants to socialize a second home, we currently do not have a plan to allow it to do so. There is a recently announced affordable housing program that has a program for the most vulnerable people, but there is no extra credit, and nothing to do with a rental partner.Condemns Claire Garnier of Habitat Montreal.

The Rent Supplement Scheme allows residents to pay an amount equal to 25% of their income.

For her part, Housing Minister France-Alain Duranzo defends her new plan.

The Quebec affordable housing program, the reason we are implementing it now, is because we wanted to eliminate the irritation of the old program that did not fit today’s reality.

The reality of being hit hard by the housing affordability crisis can also lead to a homelessness crisis.

Montreal admits it faces “a major crisis” at a time when conflicts between residents and homeless people in the boroughs surrounding shelters and services are mounting. No stranger to the housing crisis is the homeless crisis.

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Serge Larold, Commissioner for People Experiencing Homelessness in the City of Montreal. A real increase in homelessness.

Today we see that everyone is at risk. We even saw an 84-year-old woman at the shelterhe said.

Circumstances that make the room important to houses. Many see them as the last line of defense against homelessness.

With information by Jacaudrey Charbonneau

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