March 24, 2023

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A pregnant drug trafficker will give birth in freedom…before a long sentence

A pregnant drug trafficker was jailed for four months before going to prison for a longer sentence, cutting court proceedings short to give birth to freedom.

Marjorie Briand recently pleaded guilty to felony charges of drug trafficking and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

He was arrested last August during a criminal operation and crackdown on a cocaine-trafficking network. The organization he participated in was called Run 132 and operated on Montreal’s South Shore.

Marjorie Brind

Image courtesy of SPAL

More than $24,000 in paraphernalia, 19 grams of crack, nearly 10 grams of cocaine, and small pink Ziploc bags were found in his home.

Marjorie Brind

Image courtesy of SPAL

He was in touch with the dealers along with the refund. He was also one of the cache “managers” who seized a large quantity of drugs, various contraband and two long weapons.

Marjorie Brind

Image courtesy of SPAL

Marjorie Brind was initially charged with possession of these weapons. But the investigation ultimately revealed it was not connected to the crime, Crown prosecutor Mee Vincent Hood recently confirmed in court in Longueuil.

The 27-year-old woman has been detained since her arrest. Then two months pregnant, she failed to convince the court to release her for the remainder of the proceedings as there was no guarantee that she would not reoffend.

But Marjorie Bryant, halfway through her pregnancy, was finally able to get out of jail just days before Christmas, awaiting her sentencing. Justice gave her a reprieve by postponing sentencing hearings, allowing her to give birth and enjoy her baby for a few months. Delivery is expected in April.

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“The pregnancy is progressing and the conditions of detention are not easy. So we know the difficulties she may experience in prison,” said Mrs.e Hood said the inmate had difficulty getting medical follow-up.

He also presented a credible exit plan, which he agreed to.

“She has a legitimate job, she’s due to give birth soon, her parents are well aware of the situation and she pleads guilty. It’s an element of commitment to the Crown based on the risk of recidivism,” he said.

But her maternity leave takes a very special turn as detention becomes inevitable.

“He will eventually have to face the music,” Vincent Hood began. The prosecution wants to ask for a significant sentence.

“She is well aware of that, said the defendant’s lawyer, Dmitry Raymond. It will give the girl time to enjoy the first months with the baby, so she will have some contact with the baby after the birth.

Sentencing submissions will take place at the end of the summer. Until then, the mother-to-be has to respect various conditions, including the curfew.