April 21, 2024

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A severe storm hit the eastern townships

Visibility is almost zero on Highway 10 near the cities of Cronby, Promont, Shefford, Bolton and Macau. Strong winds, water stagnation on the road and heavy rain create dangerous road conditions.

Leila Dassault

Leila Dassault

Louis-Philippe Fio, communications manager for Quebec’s security, warned: “Police are warning people not to move until the storm has passed in the area.

Dominic Martell, an environmental meteorologist in Canada, confirmed that a severe thunderstorm alert was issued in the area at 3 p.m. Recorded at 80 mph at 4 mph on Lake Membrane and over 60 mph at Cranby at 4:15 pm, he explains.

Heavy winds caused damage. Diane Lapoint, a resident of Dunham, was on her way to Rangs Saint-Joseph on her way to Gongsville when she had to block the path to a private tree and avoid a rooted tree.

She later found significant damage to buildings near the road. A shed lost part of its roof. The horses went outside the damaged building. Many trees were uprooted from the surrounding flower beds. “There was sheet metal everywhere,” explains Diane Lapoint. In the surrounding fields, in the trees, in the power line. It was really amazing. At 4:12pm on Saturday Dunham Amy shared photos of the damage to the Facebook group.

The damage is significant, Canada’s environmentalist Dominic Mortell acknowledges. The federal agency may continue its analysis to determine the nature of the storm that affected the region.

The storm should move towards Lock-Meconic, but should lose intensity as the day progresses.

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