A study suggesting that the unvaccinated should pay higher auto insurance premiums draws outrage

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A new study was published this month in American Journal of Medicine Those claimed Not immune to COVID-19 They were more likely to have traffic accidents, which sparked outrage on Twitter. The study authors suggested that insurance companies should make changes to policies for unvaccinated individuals.

The Canadian researchers advised that “the risks identified may also justify changes to drivers’ insurance policies in the future.”

The study’s principal investigator, Dr. Donald Riedelmeyer at the Sunnybrook Research Institute, claimed his research “Evidenced passage risks were 50%-70% more frequent for adults who were not vaccinated compared to those who were vaccinated.”

He concluded, “This does not mean that vaccination against COVID-19 directly prevents traffic accidents. Instead, it suggests that adults who do not follow public health advice may also ignore the rules of the road.”

Scene of a DUI rollover in Portland.
(Portland Police Department)

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As the report spread late Tuesday, doctors and scientists focused on the controversial study.

“This is a joke from a study claiming that unvaccinated people are involved in more car accidents. There is a lot wrong with that,” Dr Claire Craig, a British diagnostic pathologist, wrote in a Twitter post.

The doctor argued that the main problem with the study was that it was ethically misguided, but also accused the researchers of misusing their data.

Craig argued that the study was flawed for a number of reasons, including clustering in unprotected pedestrians injured in accidents.

“These claims are based on accidents that led to hospitalizations. Every injured person is referred to in the paper as an ‘accident’ – even when the injured person was a pedestrian!” I wrote.

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She said the “main flaw” was that the study relied on a government database of vaccinated individuals. She pointed out that you could still have an accident and not go to the hospital, and therefore you would not be included in the study.

Linking to a table from the study, she wrote, “No matter which way you slice the data, the risks seem to increase by about the same amount.”

She argued that the study’s data could be used to make any kind of claim about the unvaccinated, from having a higher rate of “giving to charity” to “recycling,” simply because “the denominator [was] artificially small.

Doctors and scientists have criticized a Canadian study that found unvaccinated people were more likely to be involved in traffic accidents.

Doctors and scientists have criticized a Canadian study that found unvaccinated people were more likely to be involved in traffic accidents.

Other medical professionals have derided the study as ridiculous.

Dr. Vinay Prasad, a hematologist, oncologist and health researcher, laughed at his conclusions. “This also reiterates the stupid notion that primary care physicians should specialize in counseling unvaccinated people about driving,” he tweeted with a laughing emoji.

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The engineer and Substack author “Polimath” also derided the study as unintentional satire.

“I’m so sick of saying ‘these vaccination studies don’t tell you useful things, they misattribute confounding variables.'” “So it’s good that these researchers presented my argument to me in such a sarcastic way,” the user wrote.

The Twitter user argued that the ultimate goal of such studies is to treat certain members of society like outcasts. They added: “The ultimate goal of these studies is to say, ‘These people are the outliers and they deserve every bad thing that happens to them.'” We must make their lives worse on purpose.”

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Some conservative media figures agreed that the study had nefarious intentions, using the science to advocate that insurance companies penalize unvaccinated people.

Julia Hicks, a 14-year-old girl, who was denied a kidney transplant because she was not vaccinated for Covid-19.

Julia Hicks, a 14-year-old girl, who was denied a kidney transplant because she was not vaccinated for Covid-19.
(Fox News)

Radio host Jason Rantz tweeted, “This is the exact kind of preposterous study that paves the way for auto insurers charging more coverage for the unvaccinated. It’s transparent.”

Podcast host Dave Rubin blasted the study in a tweet, “This deserves the rare banana clown emoji set.”

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The study looked at 6,682 traffic accidents Ontario, Canadaduring the summer of 2021 and found that unvaccinated people caused 1,682 incidents or 25% of them, which the researchers claimed “equals to a 72% increase in relative severity compared to vaccinated individuals.”

The researchers suggested that there could be a correlation between “distrust of government, belief in freedom, misperceptions of everyday risk, belief in natural protection, antipathy towards regulation, chronic poverty, misinformation, exposure to misinformation, inadequate resources and other personal beliefs,” to Increased risk of traffic accidents.

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