April 16, 2024

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A transgender woman bears witness to a brutal attack in a village in Montreal

A transgender woman bears witness to a brutal attack in a village in Montreal

A disabled woman was brutally assaulted on August 24 on Champlain Street in the Village in Montreal. Today, she is a witness to this unnecessary aggression.

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Kymia Dutremble was attacked by a man armed with an iron rod when she returned home.

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The man allegedly came out of an alley and hit him ten times.

“I was immediately scared,” the woman testifies.

Ms Dutremble ran away before being caught by her attacker and attacked again.

The situation may have changed dramatically since the man told the woman that he too had a knife.

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“I was so dazed that I didn’t actually see the knife,” he says.

“I started running a kilometer home so I could call the police and emergency services again,” he continues, “I was shocked.”

The Village in Montreal should be a safe place for people in the LGBTQ+ community.

Attacks like the one Kimia experienced in the village “send a worrying message,” says Raphael Provost, the group’s general director.

“Once is too much,” said Mr. Provost says.

The activist explains, “The hate seen on social media is now spilling over into the streets. Such hateful comments – transphobic, homophobic – unfortunately we hear them more and more.

Such stories can arise in this neighborhood, which he describes as a “home” for a diverse population, Mr. The Provost is appalled.

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As for Kymia Dutremble, she is now traumatized by the incident and does not feel safe walking alone in the evening.