[À VOIR] Couple attacked by teens for TikTok challenge

[À VOIR] Couple attacked by teens for TikTok challenge

A couple who went to great lengths to ensnare teenagers who were poisoning their lives in a TikTok challenge could be hit and sued.

Owen May and his partner Laura, who live in Courtenay on Vancouver Island, had a week of sleepless nights when teenagers kicked in their door and broke in almost every night, the Vancouver Island Free Daily reported.

“Usually it lasts for a week, before it goes quiet for a year, and it starts again. Knocking on the door causes damage. The first time I thought the house was on fire. [et que quelqu’un cherchait à nous avertir]”, Owen told the May newspaper, that the problem had been going on for at least four years.

After installing surveillance cameras and reporting to the police, tired of enduring these atrocities, Mr. May, knowing that other citizens had suffered the same fate, took steps to catch the wrongdoers. A fisherman in everyday life has stretched fishing lines in front of the door so that the thug’s foot gets stuck when he knocks on the door.

The plan worked, but there was an unexpected twist. The night after the trap was laid, the couple heard noises and went to confront the suspects. However, before they can escape, Owen and Laura respond by hitting them with a flashlight.

Owen suffered injuries to his legs and arms, while Laura needed stitches to an eyelid.

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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have confirmed they have arrested two suspects, two 16-year-olds, who may be charged with assault with a weapon.

However, Owen May could also be charged in this case because setting a trap likely to cause injury is a felony, Inspector Mike Gurvers told the “Vancouver Island Free Daily.”

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