Aaron Rodgers ‘was aware’ of Davante Adams’ developments ‘in recent days’

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Aaron Rodgers He was quick to take to Twitter to Dodge with details Regarding his return to the packages. He has been silent, until now, about the departure of his most important colleague, Future Davant Adams.

In the wake of the trade, ESPN.com’s Rob Damofsky stated that Rodgers’He was aware of developments with Adams as they unfolded in recent days. “

It will be interesting to see if Rodgers knew of any of this before putting pen to paper on Monday for his new contract, and whether and to what extent Aaron Rodgers was involved in trying to keep Adams in Green Bay.

If Rodgers had known Adams was leaving, would that have changed the opinion of the quarterback? If Rodgers personally pleaded with Adams to stay, why did Adams refuse to stay?

Adams Agents went on record To say the Packers offered more money than the Raiders offered Adams, but the player’s dream was to play with the Raiders. They haven’t commented on whether the Raiders offer includes fully guaranteed money after the first year of the deal (which it probably does) or whether the Packers offer doesn’t include fully guaranteed money after the first year of the deal (it likely didn’t). Nor did they comment on whether Adams would accept the Packers offer if it had come weeks or months earlier.

Also, if Adams’ lifelong dream was really to play for the Raiders, why did Adams sign a new contract four years ago before the Packers decided whether to use the franchise tag on him? If Adams had not been tagged in early 2018, he would have signed with the Raiders then. Had they done that, he could have tried to make his way four years ago, the same way he has now. (Before you scoffed and said it wouldn’t work then, it did now.)

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There is much more than what has surfaced. Tom Brady successfully recruited and persuaded several key players to stay in Tampa. Either Aaron Rodgers didn’t try or he spectacularly failed to keep the best player other than Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

Was Adams’ departure enough to make Rodgers want out, too? Did Rodgers wrongly assume that if he returns, Adams will stay?

I ask these questions for several simple reasons. There is a chance that Adams preferred to reunite with his college mate Derek Carr From staying with a teammate in the NFL for eight years. Chances are Rodgers had no idea how Adams felt this way. And so there’s a chance, in the wake of Thursday’s news, that Rodgers is dealing with one of the biggest and most anticipated slaps to his face that he’s ever incurred.

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