About 22,000 newly vaccinated | Some results for the Quebec attack

(Quebec) Minister Lionel Garmont’s soft approach to reaching out to those who have not been vaccinated brings some results. Launched a month ago, the attack, which makes reluctant people roll up their sleeves for the first time, has reached about 22,000, or 4% of the 540,000 unvaccinated cubs.

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Fanny Levesque

Fanny Levesque

While the vaccine campaign for the third dose is inactive in Quebec, the attack on reaching non-vaccinated customers has mixed results. Health and Social Services Minister Lionel Garment confirmed on Wednesday that about 22,000 people (including first-in-hospital) who have not been vaccinated since January 24 have agreed to receive the first dose.

The latter was ordered to mobilize a field campaign to convince people who were reluctant and reluctant to be vaccinated. A few days after announcing the expansion of the vaccine passport in the big box stores, Quebec wanted to reach out to the non-vaccinated. By the time this attack began, the Legault government had always had its vision of imposing a health contribution.

“We did not target ourselves, we said every vaccine would be a success. We are at the top of the 22,000 vaccines given, we have sixty brigades, they call more than 200 sites and answer questions. […] Every day, our number is increasing, ”Minister Garmont said before Question Hour on Wednesday. As of January 24, it was estimated that 540,000 cubic feet had not been vaccinated.

Mr. Kermand was not discouraged by the lack of results of his campaign, with only 4% of the target group agreeing to roll up their sleeves a month later. “It’s even more encouraging,” the minister said.

Photo by Yan Doublet, Le Soleil Archives

Lionel Garment

There is no question at the moment that the attack, which is due to end on March 31, is intensifying. He said the campaign has the potential to reach a “revival” in the coming weeks. Says Garmont. “During the holidays, 8 to 12 weeks later, there were people suffering from goiter [ils voudront être vaccinés]. For them, we will be in their community, ”he added.

Overall, the pace of the campaign continues to be slow. As of Monday afternoon, 14,450 additional doses had been administered, with 579 vaccines administered prior to February 21 not yet counted. Quebec is far from the 105,000 dose rate reached in mid-January. 260 adults per day are following their first dose.

According to the INSPQ, many cubes skip the third dose. In fact, 42% of Cubs who have been double-vaccinated have not yet received their booster dose and do not want to raise their hands a third time. These denial and reluctance rates vary significantly with the response given to first- and second-dose vaccine campaigns.

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