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Accused of murder  He kills a helpless man in the middle of the street

Accused of murder He kills a helpless man in the middle of the street

An argument between two families at a bar in 2018 ended in the tragic death of a defenseless 20-year-old man, who was attacked by two brothers and stabbed in the middle of the street. Jonathan Miguel Terran Flores pleaded guilty to reduced homicide on Wednesday.

A jury trial for a 33-year-old man charged with second-degree murder was set to begin this week in a Montreal court. However, the accused shortened the judicial process by admitting that they caused the death of Marlon Alexis Alvarenga Oliva. He remains free pending sentencing.

July 2018. Jonathan Miguel Teran Flores celebrates 27e His brother Carlos’ birthday party at Ruby Wu Bar at Ruby Clark in Montreal’s Chinatown. Along with the two brothers are the accused’s wife and his daughter-in-law.

Another family is having fun at the bar: victim Marlon, his brother Ronald, and their cousin Juan Jose. The two groups do not know each other. In the evening, the enemies taunt each other for an unknown reason.

Photo from Memoria website

The deceased is Marlon Alexis Alvarenga Olivia (20).

Tempers flared as they left the bar around 3:45am. The victim’s cousin then punched Carlos, the accused’s brother, in the face in his vehicle. The victim also kicks him. A battle breaks out on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Carlos takes off his belt and attacks the other side.

Pursued by the Flores brothers, Marlon and his cousin flee south. Near the Old Brewery Mission, the Flores brothers and the accused’s wife, Jeanie Babikaduk, punched and kicked Marlon. And then he’s on the ground, helpless.

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Jonathan Miguel Deron Flores stabs Marlon repeatedly, while the defendant’s brother restrains the victim’s cousin, Juan Carlos. The latter was stabbed in the back and cut in the face, but it is not known who hit him. It is noted that the victims did not have any weapons.

Two witnesses attended the incident, which was partly caught on camera. According to a witness, Carlos was “aggressive” and said “this is what happens when you try to steal his chain.” The witness, an Uber driver, had a reflex to photograph the vehicle killers’ license plates.

Stopped by the police, the accused refuses to surrender and claims to be a “victim”. He was subdued with pepper spray. The victim’s blood was found in several places on the hands and clothes of the Flores brothers and Jeannie Papigatuk. She was not charged.

The defendant’s brother, Carlos Terran Flores, was convicted of manslaughter by a jury in November 2020 and sentenced to two years in prison in January 2021. He is appealing the case.

In September 2020, two years after the attack on Jonathan Miguel Terran Flores, his wife’s niece revealed to the police that the accused confessed to stabbing the accused. “I almost killed him,” the accused told his crew as they escaped in a car.

Submissions on sentencing are scheduled before Judge Elian Perrault in two weeks. Me Nadia Berup, me Genevieve Gravel and M.e Jean-Philippe Mackay represents the Public Ministry, while Me Christine Renaud and M.e Farah Nantel defends the accused.