Adil Zarqaoui died laughing!

Adil Zarqaoui died laughing!

I said the other day that the homeless people should raise the Palestinian flag above their tents if the authorities don’t want them to remove their camp.

Well, for those who are crazy, I have another piece of advice this time.

Would you like to have a municipal councilor in your district threatened with death for daring not to clear the garbage before sunset?

Don’t tell him you’re going to cut off his head.

Say your god is going to cut off his head.

It goes like a letter in an email.

DPCP won’t even charge you!

Because you’ve contracted your assassination to your imaginary friend.

A miracle!

This is what our friend Adil Sarkouy did.

The man is angry, but he knows the law.

He knows that the right to speak of the worst atrocities in Canada is enough to hide behind the veil of religion.

You can threaten a whole people with death if you want, just put the word “God” in your sentence and all will be forgiven. Even if your threats are made in front of cameras and hundreds of people.

This is the wonder of religion.

It turns the most disturbing threats into benign comments.

“Yes, well, an imam threatened the death of millions of people, but it was in good faith.”

This is what living in the “post” state is all about.

  • Listen to the Martino-Dudrisak meeting between Benoit Dudrisak and Richard Martino QUB :

Every religious minority has its reasons.

Who are we to ask a racist imam to watch his language? That would be colonialism! Whitewashing! Systemic Racism!

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Then, I imagine the so-called moderate Muslims would put Adil Sarkou in his place, right?

(Locust song.)

At this point, we think we’re going to take the idiots who treated their mayor like a big snitch to court.

Tell me about a coherent system that has its priorities in the right place!

Threatening the Jews? But no!

According to the law, Adel Zarqawi cannot be accused of spreading hatred because he did not attack a specific group.

He didn’t say “Jews” or “Israelites.” Just “Zionist occupiers”.

That fa.

It is true that “Zionist occupiers” do not mean “Jews”.

Perhaps he was talking about the Danes. or members of the Beaconsfield Curling League.

Who knows?

It’s like McGill campers. When they shout “dirty Zionists”, they are not talking about Jews, no.

There is no connection between “Zionists” and “Jews”, let’s see!

It’s like “fife” and “homosexuality.”

Photo Archive, QMI Agency

When a douchebag yells “dirty fife” at a guy holding another guy’s hand, he’s not attacking his homosexuality!

It has nothing to do with it!

This is not a homophobic slur! Such a small name.

DPCP has turned the page

For months we’ve been debating the best ways to combat hate speech without limiting freedom of expression.

As Jean-François Lisée told me yesterday at QUB, it would have been nice for the DPCP to use the “Charkaoui affair” to test the law in court, wouldn’t it? It would have moved the debate forward, clarified the guidelines and perhaps highlighted the weaknesses of the existing laws.

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not right. He didn’t do it.

The DPCP lays charges only if there is a good chance of his conviction.

Otherwise, it will turn the page and move to another folder.

We should try this in hockey. Which Canadian feels the odds are slim to win against the Bruins tonight?

He never appears in the ring.

In a video posted on his social media, Adil Zarqaui welcomed the decision of the DBCP and announced that he would continue his struggle.

A small step to Imam. A big step for freedom of expression, which now includes calls for murder and genocide.

Camp news

“If there’s one thing I really like, the street can’t become a hospital, the street can’t be housing, the street can’t be an injection center,” Valérie Plante said Thursday.

Well, Madam Mayor.

If you don’t want the city to turn into an open-air piggery, why are you opposed to removing the protest camp on the McGill University campus?

Can’t be street houses… but could it be a camp?

An obese state

Just to show you how obese the Quebec bureaucracy is…

I take a ministry by chance: it is French.

There is a minister. Minister’s office. Deputy Minister Chief Secretariat and Administration of Deputy Minister’s Office.

Department of Administrative Services. Department of Internal Audit and Administrative Investigation. Department of Legal Affairs. Department of Communication. Department of Public Affairs and Digital Communication. Strategic consulting and graphic communication service.

Assistant Deputy Minister for State Exemplary and Strategic Orientations. Assistant Deputy Minister for Policy, Partnerships and Institutional Affairs

Direction of support and management of partnerships. Orientations and direction of strategic analysis. Directorate of Data Governance, Accountability and Programs.

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Collaborative Sector, Financial Aid and Language Proficiency. Direction of corporate affairs and development of the French language.

Policy and strategic monitoring management. and the direction of Canadian Francophonie.

That too is a ministry.

And not huge!

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