March 28, 2023

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Andre Drummond says you have to be 'built differently' to play for the franchise

Andre Drummond says you have to be ‘built differently’ to play for the franchise

The Los Angeles Lakers’ 2021 season saw plenty of new faces sported purple and gold. As the team struggled with injuries all season, the team had a huge hit in the acquisition market by bringing in big man Andre Drummond who was released by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Drummond’s time with the Lakers was a bit of a mixed bag as he put in some good performances but also struggled to fit in with the ever-changing lineups Los Angeles had to hire. The two eventually parted abroad, but Drummond had no hard feelings for the Lakers and enjoyed his time in Los Angeles.

In an interview on Jefe Island’s YouTube pageDrummond spoke about his time with the Lakers, acknowledging that any player wearing purple and gold should be built differently on the mental side:

“The Lakers are exactly what you think a man is, you have to be built differently to play for this organization. You have to be mentally strong not only on the court, but off the court as well because you are expected to be a Laker and put on that purple and gold because if you don’t meet that The predictions will tell you you don’t. You deserve to wear this shirt. You have to play your best and play hard every night, no matter win, lose or draw, you just have to play hard and that’s respected. I had so much fun there.”

Drummond is the place to be because Lakers fans are very passionate and candid when they feel the players are not living up to expectations. On the other hand, they will fully embrace those who come in and achieve and exceed those expectations on their way to the championship.

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Drummond also noted the odd situation he was coming out of after not playing in Cleveland before coming to the Lakers and wished he’d had a better chance of showing what he could do:

“I got out of a weird situation with Cleveland where they put me in play for four months and came back, really just trying to figure out how to fit in with a team that I haven’t played with before, and I haven’t played in four months either, so it was kind of a weird situation getting back into the basketball groove again Others. So I wish I had a better opportunity to connect with these people and really do something, but you know everything happens for a reason. It’s been a fun situation for the Lakers, I really enjoyed being there.”

Overall, Drummond’s case didn’t go the way anyone would have hoped, but sometimes things just don’t work out. Drummond has done everything he can in purple and gold, but it hasn’t delivered the results everyone was hoping for, but the Lakers franchise’s respect remains strong from the big man.

Austin Reeves works with the Lakers in the offseason

As far as the current Lakers go, the team has a few young players looking to take the next step and make a huge impact for the team next season. Reeves says they’ve all been working on this off season so far.

We were all in the gym together, Stanley [Johnson]Tallinn [Horton-Tucker]Weinin [Gabriel]Mason [Jones]Seeing a lot of them, said the Lakers Nation guard. Most workouts are more individuals, but we’re in the gym at the same time. So, yeah, it’s been a good start to summer so far.”

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