André Pratte publicly denies wanting to be leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

André Pratte publicly denies wanting to be leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

After privately confirming that he intends to jump into the race for the leadership of the former editor-in-chief of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ). Pres Andre Pratte publicly declares he has “no intention” of running.

Duty Mr. Pratte revealed on Tuesday that he is now considering entering the race. The information was confirmed by two sources familiar with the former senator’s thoughts.

In an interview, liberal activist Ronald Boupard confirmed this information. “He thinks, he told me,” said the man, who has been active in the PLQ since 1959: “Ronald, I never thought about this option, but I had to because of the people calling me. Think about it.” »

Publicly, Andre Pratte denied this information. “Following an article published today by Le DutyHere is my reaction: […] I am certainly happy with the opinions of activists, but my situation has not changed: I do not want to be a candidate for the leadership of the PLQ,” he wrote on the social network (formerly Twitter).

According to our information, Mr. Brett has not changed his mind. He wants to avoid distractions from the rescue work he has undertaken. The former senator wants the vision of Quebec Liberalism proposed by the Committee for the Revitalization of the PLQ — which he co-chaired — to be highlighted during the leadership contest.

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His decision causes a twist. Two weeks ago, before submitting his report on the PLQ renewal, the former journalist had made a clear point. Duty That he doesn’t want to be in line.

Mr. The reflection that Bratte had begun pleased Ronald Poupart. “I will do everything to convince him as a candidate. That’s the kind of person we need in a party because we need a vision for the future,” he said.

To “improve” the quality of the race

Germaine Chevy, Liberal MP for Îles-de-la-Madeleine from 2008 to 2012 and again from 2014 to 2018, said Mr. One of the people who approached Pratt. “I think Mr. Pratte has qualities that allow him to be a good candidate. He’s a great communicator and he can do well in this game,” he said. Duty.

Mr. Mr. Pratt said he did not take a stand. Sewari clarified. In his opinion, the former journalist “can raise the quality of the leadership race by submitting his candidacy, and can encourage others to do the same.”

His lack of parliamentary experience did not daunt him. “Look [le chef du Parti québécois]Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, he has no experience in the National Assembly, I think overall he is doing a good job,” he explained.

“Mr. Pratte still has good credibility in Quebec and the PLQ,” said Mr. Severy noted. He “enjoyed the political aspect” by being a senator in Ottawa from 2016 to 2019. Above all, he gave his report on the relaunch of the PLQ, the fruits of “serious, rigorous and relevant work”. Madalinot MP “I would say the same [un travail] “I think Quebecers might be interested in the avant-garde proposals, the constitution of Quebec and the abolition of the Senate to make it a provincial chamber,” he continued.

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So far, only MP Frédéric Beaucemin has expressed interest in the PLQ leadership race. Member of Parliament Mansep Teraji, who gave it up, said that if enough candidates came forward, he could eventually be a candidate for the post. His colleagues Andre Fortin and Marva Riski announced they would not be in the race. So did federal minister François-Philippe Champagne and the current mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand.

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