Anti-vaccine ‘truckers’ plundered millions of dollars raised

Crowdfunding site GoFundMe has blocked access to millions of dollars raised by the controversial organizer of the anti-Vox truckers’ strike in Ottawa this week.

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Hundreds of truck drivers from Quebec and other parts of the country will travel to the federal capital on January 28 and 29. Protesters plan to reduce traffic on highways and cause traffic congestion.

The movement, known as the “Convoy for Freedom”, aims to condemn the obligation to vaccinate truckers on the Canadian-American border. The measure went into effect on January 15.

The organizer of the demonstration, a particular Tamara Lich from Alberta, raised more than $ 3.5M in 10 days on GoFundMe.

The event's GoFundMe campaign raised more than $ 3.5 million this afternoon.

Screenshot / Gofundme

The event’s GoFundMe campaign raised more than $ 3.5 million this afternoon.

This crowdfunding site has been confirmed Magazine Funds were frozen this week after receiving reports.

Rachel Hollis, GoFundMe’s Communications Director, confirms that “donations will be kept safe until the organizer provides our team with documentation on how the funds will be properly distributed.”

“Part of our process is to ensure that all funds are delivered safely and to the right place. As I mentioned, our priority is to safeguard the generosity of all donors,” he added.

Controversial organizer

Tamara Leach, who lost millions of dollars this weekend, asked protesters to send money directly to her email address to finance her expenses.

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The organizer of the demo of antivox truckers also has a road map that has raised eyebrows among many internet users.

In 2019, Tamara Lich was the organizer of the Yellow Dress Rally in Alberta. The movement became famous for making death threats on social media against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Tamara Lich during a demonstration of yellow lingerie in 2019 in Alberta.

Twain Lich / Facebook

Tamara Lich during a demonstration of yellow lingerie in 2019 in Alberta.

He is also the secretary of the Maverick Party, formerly known as Vexit Canada. This right-wing political party calls for independence, especially in the Western Provinces.

Opponents - Alberta

Facebook / Screenshots

Opponents - Alberta

Facebook / Screenshots

Our requests for an interview with Ms. Lychee were not answered yesterday afternoon.

No trucks

Pierre Pelletier, owner of the Transport Pelletier Company in the Greater Montreal area, calls on Quebec truckers to be wary of this crowd.

“We tried to contact the organizers, but no one responded. They are conspirators and antivoxes. They want to use the trucks to advance their cause and make money. They are not the truckers, we try to warn as many people as possible on social networks,” Mr Pelletier laments.

The latter runs two Facebook groups with 50,000 truckers, saying its members were outraged by the protest and feared it would harm their reputation.

For its part, the Office of Canada’s Minister of Transport recalls that “90% of Canadian truckers have already been vaccinated.”

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