April 17, 2024

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Apex Legends Season 20 Ranked Update: The Season 13 mode is back with a re-ranked

Apex Legends Season 20 Ranked Update: The Season 13 mode is back with a re-ranked

Declan McLaughlin

Respawn is implementing massive changes to rankings in Apex Legends for Season 20, returning to a system closer to Season 13, but with some new additions as well.

Apex Legends players have struggled with the ranked system over the past few seasons. The playlist saw players boost to high levels quickly and became a challenging experience for all involved.

Respawn heard players' complaints about the mode and now has the data to make changes. For Season 20, the developers have significantly revamped the ranking system.

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To start, everyone's rating will reset to 1 RP at the start of the season, and Respawn wants the new system to focus on “trust and accessibility.”

Apex Legends Ranked Changes for Season 20

The philosophy behind this ranking change is to see players fighting more. LP has been removed and RP returns in Season 20. Placement in the match still matters, but players will now receive ranked points for each elimination.

Players will also receive rewards for eliminating high-ranked players in the lobby and the RP value will increase the higher you finish the match. Respawn has also added a more detailed post-match match summary screen that will show players where their points and scores are coming from.

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Ranked matchmaking is also changing. The system will no longer use hidden MMR, instead players will be matched based on RP value. This way, you will know exactly how opponents are identified.

Additionally, the entry cost for each ranked level has increased, and temporary matches and paths have been removed. However, Respawn said this was only “for now” – until we can see them return in some way.

Ranked divisions are also back, however, players won't have to worry about that until about halfway through the season.

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Finally, players of any rank can now line up together. However, the players with the highest RP will determine which team you will be matched with, so choose your friends to rank carefully.

Speaking at a press event, the developer said: “We believe this will be one of the best seasons we have ever seen.” Now players will get the opportunity to decide whether this is the case or not.