Apple’s Corny ‘augmented reality experience’ confirms we’ll see the rumored headset at WWDC

Apple’s Corny ‘augmented reality experience’ confirms we’ll see the rumored headset at WWDC

So… that’s it?
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Apple is really excited to share next Steps increment reality technology this year’s WWDCTo the extent that A teaser was released for it AR experiencefor iPhone and iPad. We hope the company Rumored headset It’s a little more exciting than this.

On Tuesday, Apple updated the Apple events A page to promote the company’s upcoming conference. The page also gives iPhone and iPad users on a button “Watch an augmented reality experience.” Click it It makes the psychedelic Apple WWDC logo float in the center of your device’s screen, and that’s it. Inside the colorful, oil-stained Apple logo is some text it It reads “June 5, 2023.”

You can’t interact with the logo in any meaningful way, which means it’s lower than some Instagram filters. You can even watch it in “Object” mode to see the logo without any of the IRL distractions, which — I hate to point it out — are just video. While the page can Showcase something more interesting when CEO Tim Cook raises his head at the camera next weekthat’s shy The expression of augmented reality is consistent with Apple’s hesitation, so far, To fully enter the virtual reality space.

At the same time, the company is pushing some form of augmented reality ahead of its conference, but stresses that it will have some presence there. The Cupertino, California-based company is expected to showcase its Reality headset during its big developer conference. The device was reported to be worth $3,000 for him It has changed little since its inception As a striped pair of augmented reality glasses. device was Delayed several times over the past several years, Recent reports indicate that the device may prove controversial, as it is expected to be used external battery pack connected to the headphone via a wire.

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