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Arsenal vs Liverpool: English Premier League – Live |  Premier League

Arsenal vs Liverpool: English Premier League – Live | Premier League

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30 minutes This first half may be Arsenal's best chance to put Liverpool away. We've seen many games this season where Liverpool were extremely poor in the first half and increasingly irresistible in the second half.

29 minutes Van Dijk headed home Alexander-Arnold's winger, who won it under pressure near the penalty spot. I'm giving 0.06 on the old xG.

28 minutes It's Sky Sports xG (it's not the same everywhere because it's not gospel). Arsenal 1.63-0.04 Liverpool.

27 minutes Liverpool look like a team that is missing four of their best squad. However, an excellent cross from Alexander-Arnold found Jacobo from around eight yards out. Gabriel stretches out in front of him and inadvertently kicks the ball into Raya's arms.

26 minutes “Happy Sunday!” Michael Wheeler says. “I have two hopes for this year's season: that Everton avoid relegation to the National League, and that someone, anyone, other than Pep and Oil City will lift the cup at the end of the competition – even Klopp and the Reds (I've long since given up hope of the Toffees competing with Liverpool) ).My hopes for the former are getting smaller every day. What are your thoughts on the possibilities for the latter?

My hunch is that Klopp's announcement increased Liverpool's chances slightly. I would say something like City 45 per cent, Liverpool 35, Arsenal 19, and the rest 1.

25 minutes Gomez was booked for a cynical and not entirely necessary foul on Havertz, who was making good progress in the central circle but had no support.

24 minutes Diaz crosses the penalty area from the left side and shoots a ball that is blocked by White.

22 minutes “Finally…” says Justin Kavanagh, “the outside bar of a Premier League club that we can all admire, and that's not loud enough to give you a headache while watching it. Although it's a tribute to Jurgen Klopp's heavy metal football, maybe Choose dark purple.

I'm no rock expert, as you can see by my hairline, but isn't Deep Purple more rock than heavy metal?

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20 minutes Arsenal put pressure on the Liverpool defender, which led to a shot from Odegaard that Van Dijk blocked well. At the moment, Arsenal look sharper, and perhaps hungrier.

19 minutes “I hope the title race between the three teams goes to the final round, which is very unlikely,” says Kari Tollenius. “In fact, the only recent example I can think of was in Ligue 1 in 2021, when Monaco, Paris Saint-Germain and Lille all managed to win on the final round of the match. But I'm sure I've forgotten an obvious example.

The 1971-72 English season is a curious gem, summed up by the fact that the eventual champions won the title 8-1. after They played their final match. I did that a little bit in the old Joy of Six book, but I'd recommend reading more about it – I think there's a book about it, published by Pithc.

18 minutes Liverpool have trailed in a million games this season, most of which they won, so they won't have to worry just yet.

Havertz played a big role in the goalHe ran at the right time behind the defense to receive Odegaard's pass. Alisson made a good save on the shot, but Saka grabbed the rebound and calmly lifted it over Konate on the goal line.

It was Konate who played with Havertz in the first place. Liverpool's backline was in shreds as Van Dijk was drawn into the play.

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Goal! Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool (Saka 14)

Bukayo Saka missed one sitter. He wouldn't miss two.

Saka buries her. Photograph: John Sibley/Action Images/Reuters

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Minute 12: Chance for Liverpool! This is a good warm-up. McAllister sends a lovely pass to Jackpo, lurking behind the centre-halves 30 yards from goal and Zinchenko plays it in at the other end. He moves to the edge of the area and fires a low shot wide of the far post. Saliba was coming back so he had to shoot the ball.

11 minutes: Great opportunity for Arsenal! Raya receives a cross and throws it to Martinelli on the left. He's destroying Konate – Konate! – For speed, he runs to the left edge of the penalty area and lofts a wonderful cross into the middle. Saka bends down to meet the ball eight yards out, but doesn't connect properly with his head and the ball rolls to safety on the far side. It was a fantastic opportunity, one that Mick Harford could have buried by now, at 64.

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Arsenal player Bukayo Saka (right) attempts a header. Photography: John Walton/Pennsylvania

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7 minutes When the ball goes out of play, Odegaard waves his arms in an attempt to excite the crowd. Arsenal have made a good start: nowhere near the pace of 2022-23 (they were already 1-0 ahead of Liverpool at this stage of last season's game) but with plenty of purposeful possession. No, this alliteration was not intentional.

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5 minutes “Auguries,” muses Charles of Antioch. “Good: The Emirates cabin staff are back, smiling maniacally as the players emerge from the tunnel. It's worked for Arsene most of the time. Bad: Arsenal's women lost ground earlier today with what appears to be the club's emerging brand of failure to “He put the ball in the net. So, mixed.”

Lost? Crikey, so they did.

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4 minutes Saka beats Van Dijk inside the penalty area, but Grafenbrech returns to make a good tackle.

3 minutes Liverpool started with Jota up front and Jacopo on the right flank. Arsenal have Jorginho playing to the left of Rice in a 4-2-1-3 formation.

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1 minute Almost a chance for Jota in 40 seconds! A routine long ball from Van Dijk toward Jacobo caused Arsenal problems. The ball bounced off Jacopo and Gabriel before reaching Jota, who went past Zinchenko on the edge of the area but received a powerful touch that allowed Reia to come out and claim.

1 minute Peep peep! Liverpool, in its purple stripe, starts the match from right to left as we watch.

Here come the players. There are many faces of the game on display at the Emirates Tunnel; Everyone knows this huge big.

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Jurgen Klopp on Connor Bradley

The best place for him to be is around his family. That's where we sent him immediately. It is very sad news; There's not much to say. I told him to take what he needed.

English Premier League results today

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The buildup to this game was notable for its refreshing lack of hype. There's no need: everyone knows this is the biggest game of the Premier League season so far. Furthermore, words like 'huge' and 'epohcal' lost their meaning years ago when journalists started using them to preview Crystal Palace's match against Everton.

This is a really great game. It's only February, so the title is not up for grabs now, but it could be out of Arsenal's reach if they lose. On the other hand, if they win, there will be a rare three-way title race.

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Team news: Both teams were injured

Gabriel Jesus is injured Kai Havertz He starts up front for Arsenal – as he did in last month's FA Cup defeat, when he troubled Liverpool with his ghostly movement only to miss some excellent chances. Jorginho He replaces Emile Smith-Roy in midfield.

Liverpool are without Connor Bradley, whose father died over the weekend after a long illness. Trent Alexander Arnold He replaces him at right-back, one of three changes seen in the win over Chelsea in midweek. Dominik Szoboszlai is injured and Darwin Nunez is fit enough to come on the bench. Ryan Gravenberch And Cody Jackpo Replace them. Thiago Alcantara, who has not played in a year, returns to the bench.

Arsenal (possible 4-2-1-3) Raya; White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko; Jorginho, Rice; Ødegaard; Saka, Havertz, Martinelli.
Subs: Ramsdale, Smith-Roy, Nketiah, Keiyur, Cedric, Trossard, Nelson, Elneny, Walters.

Liverpool (possible 4-1-2-3) Alison. Alexander-Arnold, Konate, Van Dijk, Gomez; Gravenberch, McAllister, Jones; Jacobo, Jota, Diaz.
Subs: Thiago, Nunez, Adrian, Elliott, Robertson, Clarke, McConnell, Kelleher, Quansah.

to rule Anthony Taylor (Cheshire).

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Preamble? no no no. Arsenal vs Liverpool you don't need to Preamble.

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