Blizzard pulls 6 uber-unique items from Diablo 4 after apparently making them too easy

Blizzard pulls 6 uber-unique items from Diablo 4 after apparently making them too easy

Blizzard has temporarily disabled six unique, extremely rare Diablo 4 items from Diablo 4 to address a new issue with Helltide Chest drops.

July 6th edition of Update 1.0.4 Added unique items to the Helltide Chest loot pool. Helltide Mystery Chests are special chests available from participating in Helltide events. (For a more detailed look at mystery chest locations, check out Interactive map. You can filter the locations of mystery chests at the bottom to remove some of the clutter.)

The change has been welcomed by players while searching for rare items in Diablo 4, such as the six rare unique pieces currently in the game. Fans have complained about how little chance it has, with some comparing the drop rate to winning the lottery or being struck by lightning. So, the chance of getting an extremely rare one, however small, from a Helltide chest gave players a very clear and unique farming goal.

However, Blizzard has suddenly disabled the extremely rare unique pieces from dropping in the game entirely to address an unnamed issue with Helltide Chest drops. “Players will not be able to obtain the six unique uber items until a hotfix we expect to be implemented Friday afternoon PST,” Blizzard said. Other unique items will still be available from these chests.

Blizzard has yet to explain the decision, but the current speculation among fans is that the developer noticed the six unique, ultra-rare pieces were dropping too much for their liking, and moved quickly to pull them from the game. Harlequin Crest, aka Shako, seems to have seen a significant improvement in drop rate in particular.

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“Yeah, I couldn’t believe my eyes actually had one,” Redditor Historicalduty 3834 said, who posted a picture of Harlequin Crest on their character sheet. “I opened the Helltide chest with about 10 seconds left in it and was struggling to take a picture of my friends I was playing with.”

Some Diablo 4 players reacted negatively to the move, accusing Blizzard of ruining their fun. “Fun Police On Patrol Today,” Redditor Loadsmoke said. “…So they really want five of these all over the world?” fkitbaylife asked.

Some players are now calling out to Blizzard to roll back Shakos obtained from Helltide Chests to prevent an imbalance within the player versus player portion of Diablo 4. With a follow-up fix set to arrive in Diablo 4 soon, it won’t be long before that. Rare unique pieces are once again available to obtain from Helltide Chests, albeit at modified drop rates.

Diablo 4 launched in a big way and became Blizzard’s fastest selling game of all time. It is also A hit with the criticsAnd, in general, he did well with the fans. but, Diablo 4’s microtransaction cost raised eyebrowsand, surprisingly, Whoopi Goldberg has invited Blizzard to release Diablo 4 on the Mac. Last night, Blizzard announced that the first season of Diablo 4, called Malignant Season, begins July 20th.

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