'Bluey' drops surprise new episode on Disney

'Bluey' drops surprise new episode on Disney

It turns out that “The Mark” was widely discussed and critically acclaimed bluish Special, it wasn't a series finale after all.

The beloved children's show has at least one more episode – and is set to debut on April 21. The episode, appropriately titled “Surprise,” is scheduled to air on Disney+ at 3 a.m. ET/midnight PT on Sunday. It will also premiere airtime at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT on Disney Junior and a half hour later on Disney Channel, with multiple rebroadcasts later in the day. The “Surprise” description says, “Bluey and Bingo want Dad to play two different games, so Dad tries to play both at the same time.”

The new episode comes a week after the debut of “The Sign,” a 28-minute special from the beloved (mostly… bluish Episodes last less than 10 minutes.) The special generated waves of critical praise for its emotional story centered around the Heeler family potentially selling their home and moving to another town where Father Bandit will take a new job, as well as a wedding between the Heelers' uncle Rad and Frisky.

Along with the previous episode, “Ghostbasket”, the special sparked widespread speculation that bluish It was ending. While the long-term future of the programme, which was originally commissioned by Australia's ABC and the UK's BBC, has yet to be decided – “I've been told by the BBC never to talk about Children's Voices or Children's Futures.” bluishsaid creator Joe Broom Hollywood Reporter In 2023 – “Surprise” ensures that “The Sign” is not the final episode of the series.

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bluish It has been a huge hit for Disney+ in the US. It is the most-streamed show in the country this year in terms of total viewing time, according to Nielsen streaming ratings, after ranking second in 2023 and sixth in 2022.

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