Borough of Anjou: A police officer was hit by a fleeing vehicle

Borough of Anjou: A police officer was hit by a fleeing vehicle

A police officer from the Service de police de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM) was hit by a suspicious vehicle during the intervention, while he was detained in the parking lot of Galeries d’Anjou as part of an attempted carjacking on Saturday afternoon.

SPVM spokesman Jean-Pierre Brabant said the fleeing vehicle hit the police officer at 3:15 p.m. on rue Saint-Zotique Est, near the roundabout, while he was standing next to his car. The officer then fired at least one shot at the suspect vehicle.

Police arrived at the scene after being called to intervene after an attempted carjacking in the parking lot of Galeries d’Anjou.

After striking the police officer, the suspect vehicle fled and was eventually found unoccupied in the parking lot of a shopping center on Langelier Boulevard near Belanger Street.

The stricken policeman was taken to hospital where his life is not feared.

As a result of the SPVM’s investigation, three men in their twenties were arrested on Langelier Boulevard near Villanelle Street and taken to the interrogation center where they will be met in the coming hours.

Three scenes were set up: the first in the rue Saint-Zotique where the police officer was caught, the second in the parking lot of the Galeries d’Anjou and the last in the parking lot of the shopping center on the boulevard Langelier, where the vehicle was abandoned.

At least one bullet hole was found in the suspect vehicle.

The investigation was transferred to SPVM’s major crime unit and investigators were sent to the scene to understand the reasons and circumstances of the incident.

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