Boundaries: Protesters block Trans-Canada Highway in Nova Scotia | COVID-19 in the Atlantic

At 5:30 p.m., the RCMP in Nova Scotia confirmed the closure of Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 104) at Thomson Station, which was almost halfway between the New Brunswick border and the city of Troy in Nova Scotia.

In a Twitter post, RCMP urges motorists to avoid the area and allow delays.

Route 104, Tuesday evening, was closed to traffic in both directions.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jonathan Villanueva

At around 7:30 pm, several protesters blocked the road, blocking traffic in both directions.

New rules, from one minute to midnight

On Tuesday afternoon, Ian Rank’s government announced it Passengers from New Brunswick must be self-isolated And undergo screening tests upon arrival. The length of their isolation depends on their vaccine status and the results of these tests.

The announcement came 24 hours before the border was scheduled to open on Wednesday morning. Many residents in both provinces had already planned trips.

A policeman chats with a motorist

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Tuesday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Adrian Blanc

Unlike the New Brunswicks, travelers from Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador will be able to travel to Nova Scotia early Wednesday morning, subject to restricted border operations.

Strong reactions at the border

Cumberland North MP Elizabeth Smith-Macross responded harshly to the provincial government announcement on her Facebook page.

He called on his riding residents to block the Trans-Canada Highway.

Nova has once again flipped the Premier Rank when it opens the border between Scotia and New Brunswick. He has until 4pm today to change his decision, otherwise residents of Cumberland will block the Trans-Canada Highway until the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border opens for our families. , Said.

I understand that the situation is frustrating , For his part, said at a press conference by Ian Rank. But this is a safe approach , He believes.

In retaliation, according to David Coon

New Brunswick Green Party leader David Coon has called on Prime Minister Ian Rankin and his Atlantic colleagues to hold urgent talks to synchronize public health measures to rebuild the Atlantic bubble.

According to David Coon, Ian Rank’s decision is a disaster for families on both sides of the New Brunswick-Nova Scotia border.

Looks like a retaliation for New Brunswick Premier Blaine Hicks’ earlier decision to open to other parts of Canada, He adds in a written statement, Tuesday evening. We are all maritime residents with family and friends in the region. Maritime Premiers must cooperate to serve the common good of our region.

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