April 21, 2024

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British Columbia restricts access to petrol in certain areas | Floods in British Columbia 2021

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth said drivers in the Hope Area, Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast and Sea-to-Sky area will not be able to get more than 30 liters of gasoline per metro from Metro Vancouver.

This order is in effect until December 1 and is approved below A state of emergency was declared on Wednesday.

Over the past few days, many British Columbians Besieged gas stations In many places in the province, including Victoria.

An organization On respect

When asked about the implementation of this ban, the Minister was shocked. The government expects British Colombians to do their own bidding. Minister Farnworth has said there will be no police surveillance at gas stations.

They will do the right thing. Will there be disobedience? Yes. But the strong majority will do the right thing.

Working with Ottawa to bring gasoline to British Columbia. That means import [du pétrole] By ferry to Alberta, Washington, Oregon and California, Minister Farnworth explains.

There will be unlimited access to petrol for emergency and essential vehicles, he assures us.

Vehicles and debris abandoned on Highway 1 due to flooding in Abbotsford, British Columbia on Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Photo: Radio-Canada / Ben Nelmes / CBC

Travel control

British Columbia also restricts unnecessary travel on flood-affected and landslide-affected roads, including Highways 3, 7 and 99.

Travel that is considered essential includes the transportation of essential goods such as goods and medicines.

Details of the application for this order will be published Coming soon. Minister Farnworth hopes that the public will understand the reasons for such an emergency and that they will cooperate.

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If you do not need to travel now, stay home. If you do not need to travel, you do not need petrol. Keep the roads clear. If you can work from home, please do so.

Sandbags in a flooded farmland.

Volunteers fill sandbags on farms in the flooded Sumas Prairie area of ​​British Columbia.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Ben Nelmes

Friday status update

Four more are missing Following the death of one person in a landslide last Monday near Lilot.

Thousands of cows and chickens died in the Abbotsford flood. The province receives funding from Washington State and other Canadian provinces, according to Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Lana Pope.

About 65 soldiers are currently in Abbotsford, near the U.S. border, assisting in repairing the ditches in an effort to control the overflowing water. Abbotsford Mayor Henry Brown estimates that the cost of repairing and cleaning the floodwaters could reach $ 1 billion.

In all, more than 17,000 British Colombians had to evacuate their homes as a result of the floods.