Canadian flag in honor of National Patriots Day at Desjardins

Canadian flag in honor of National Patriots Day at Desjardins

Several of the Desjardins movement’s funds marked National Patriots’ Day with a Canadian flag on a poster, which drew the ire of many Quebec nationalists.

“Certainly the Canadian flag does not have its place,” insists Marie-Anne Alepin, president of the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montreal (SSJB).

“National Patriots’ Day. Our offices will be closed on Monday, May 20,” read the notice, which featured an image of a man with a maple leaf on his back attached to Desjardins’ logo.

In more than one branch

A photo of the above poster, taken at the Caisse Desjardins du Sud de la Matawipie in Saint-Félix-de-Valois, has been shared on social media since Friday while being condemned by several Quebec accounts as having a nationalist flavor.

Desjardins group pointed out Newspaper More than one fund has posted this document on these walls, though not saying how many.

On Saturday evening, actor and former Parti Québécois candidate Pierre-Luc Brillant posted a photo of himself, with the same poster in the background, at a branch in Bas-Saint-Laurent.

“This is not a poster authorized by the Desjardins movement. We will pursue the fund that used this poster to ensure that this situation does not happen again,” declared its spokesman Jean-Benoit Turcoty.

Jean-Benoît Turcotti, spokesman for the Desjardins movement.

The Minister of Culture and Communications, Mathieu Lacombe, described Desjardins’ display at X as “inappropriate”.

“Education to be done”

In Quebec, National Patriots Day has been celebrated since 2003 to highlight the struggle of the patriots in 1837 and their demand to establish a democratic government. It was established on the same holiday as Victoria Day, which is celebrated in the rest of Canada.

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Desjardins’ error “demonstrates that more education needs to be done on this critical day [celle des patriotes]», Mrs. Alebin believes that “confusion” still reigns among a part of the population due to two holidays celebrated on the same day in the country.

Twitter (add source)

Marie-Anne Alepin, president of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society of Montreal.

Mario Beauregard/Agence QMI

“People are upset because Desjardins is owned by the people with its credit unions. Patriots’ Day is a holiday that celebrates the people of Quebec and the patriots. Canada’s flag is another country. It’s a different matter,” she continues.

Ms. Alebin is seeking an explanation from the fund that used the poster.

“It looks like a mistake, but it’s incomprehensible. On social networks, it becomes a national poster.

Mr. According to Turcotte, most credit unions used the poster “approved” by the Desjardins movement. There is no mention of the holidays being celebrated, instead just write “public holiday” over a picture of a bicycle.

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