Cancer Survivor: A Call for Awareness

Because the infection delays the diagnosis in many patients, a young person who has survived a rare cancer should be alert to the subtle symptoms of the tumor.

“I waited really long […]I had pain in my arm for three years, ”said 22-year-old Arian Boer. Montreal seeks relief from Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare bone cancer.

Persistent fatigue, forearm weakness and a swollen tumor eventually led to her visit to the doctor: an MRI diagnosed the tumor in 2019 after her first college session.

Three years later, when she is ready to return to school benches, she wants to advertise sarcomas. These cancers that appear in soft tissues or bones are often difficult to diagnose and, above all, unrecognized.

“The main symptom is a tumor,” says orthopedic surgeon Robert Turkot. This is often reduced by the patient or the doctor. “

Infectious costs

Sarcoma McGill, McGill University Health Center (MUHC) Diversified Group, We also feel the impact of the epidemic.

“People have paid for the costs of the epidemic”, dR. Turquoise. Patients with McGill sarcoma were seen without delay, but for some the diagnosis was delayed due to fear of counseling or delayed tests.

When Arian Boer learned she had sarcoma, she had no idea what it was.

“I can not believe it,” she said.

To beat the cancer, one of the two bones in her forearm had a radius of 13 cm.

His chemotherapy treatments lasted a year. Almost every month, she had to spend five days in the hospital to get them.

The drugs were so strong that she felt like she had drunk “three bottles of wine”, confused, nauseous and unable to speak.

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Previously discovered

She has recovered and is now determined to support the research. She wants Cubans to know more about sarcoma and the symptoms.

Moreover, she wants these cancers, often microscopic, to come out with pre-diagnosed and customized treatments.

Because dR. Turquoise, it can take up to 10 years for some people to find sarcoma. So far, doctors are on the plateau.

Although surgery is needed to remove the sarcoma, he says the drug has not yet completely prevented the tumors from spreading.

What is sarcoma?

  • A Soft tissue or bone cancer
  • It is Different types by sarcomes
  • The main symptom The appearance of a tumor or swelling
  • 80% survival rate Five years later, if it is localized
  • About 300 sarcomas Diagnosed in Quebec per year

Source: Canadian Cancer Society

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