April 17, 2024

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CAQ ditches private donations: “We took a bazooka to kill a fly”

CAQ ditches private donations: “We took a bazooka to kill a fly”

Accused by the opposition of its approach to political funding during cocktail parties, the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) on Thursday sought to silence criticism by renouncing funding from individuals. An overreaction, political analyst Marc-Andre Leclerc believes.

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The announcement by François Legault comes after his political party was accused of offering him access to ministers in exchange for contributions to the party.

CAQ representatives Sylvain Lévesque and Louis-Charles Thouin are under investigation by the Ethics Commissioner.

According to Marc-André Leclerc, the Prime Minister should not have announced the abandonment of the CAQ People's Fund, despite investigations targeting representatives of Chauveau and Rousseau.

“I think he saw the mountain as too big. It’s a storm in a glass of water,” he insists in an interview on LCN.

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Quebec has strict rules regarding financing from individuals. The maximum limit authorized by law is $100 per year.

“Mr. Legault could have found other ways to silence this story. We took a bazooka to kill a fly. In the long run, what is the goal?” he asks himself.

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In the event of a leadership contest in the CAQ, financing would be necessary, Marc-André Leclerc recalled, so that candidates could finance their campaigns.

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Mr. The day after Legault's announcement, the Ethics Commissioner confirmed that MPs Yves Montigny and Gilles Bélanger would not face trial.

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