Chattels forest development: “We refuse to destroy our surroundings,” say area residents

Chattels forest development: “We refuse to destroy our surroundings,” say area residents

Nearly 200 citizens voiced their displeasure on Saturday during a citizens' march protesting against the possible development of the Chateles forest in the Chauveau sector, a popular area on the Henri IV highway.

“Today we are making history. The story of a neighborhood that refuses to disintegrate, but above all the story of the people who make this neighborhood and make themselves heard on the streets in the heart of the suburbs,” began the speaker of the Friends of the Chattels Forest, Nellie Bouchard-Sylvain.

Naélie Bouchard-Sylvain spokeswoman for Friends of Boisé des Chatels.


The rally comes a few weeks after discussion workshops on the forest's future, which included city experts and the land's current owner, Michael Dallaire, of the Dallaire Group.

“What is proposed to us is a fragmented, fragmented wooded area that will no longer be the sound of birds that accompany us on our walks, but the sound of trucks,” adds the woman who organized the event.

Development of Chattals Forest:


One and the opposite

Mayor Bruno Marchand's administration was singled out on several occasions during pre-protest speeches, notably accused of not listening to its citizens and saying one thing before doing the opposite.

“What is being planned by the Marchand group is the systematic plundering of one of the largest natural and wetland areas on the urban periphery of Quebec City,” said Ms. Bouchard-Sylvain complained.

“It's sad because in his speech, he always talks about active movement and healthy living environments, where, we have a natural and healthy environment, and he wants to make it an industrial park. It doesn't make any sense,” said the president of Transition Quebec and municipal councilor of Limoilleau. Jackie Smith explains.

Many area residents interviewed by the Journal expressed disappointment and frustration with the work done by their municipal councilor, Marie-Josie Asselin.

2 taken?

For his part, Jean-Lesage's confederate, Sol Zanetti, referring to the issue of the Sisters of Charity's farmland in Beauport, recalled that it was always possible to turn things around.

Development of Chattals Forest:

Companion in solidarity with Jean-Lesage, Sol Zanetti


The huge tract of land surrounded by land in the urban area has been coveted for years for real estate development.

In 2020, the Dallaire group had to abandon its “mini city” project of 6,500 houses, which was rejected by the Quebec government and the administration said no twice.

In 2022, the Legault government finally acquired almost all of the farmland, 203 hectares, for $28.7 million.

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