April 21, 2024

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CKRO reporter Rejean Hebert has been found dead, and the media world is in mourning

CKRO reporter Rejean Hebert has been found dead, and the media world is in mourning

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) New Brunswick has launched an investigation and indicated Friday afternoon that it is treating the killing as a homicide.

A 29-year-old man was arrested on Thursday morning Bathurst.

The media community in Acadia is in mourning

A 1988 communications graduate from the Université de Moncton, Regine Hebert went on to work as a journalist in print, radio and television.

News director of CKRO Radio Péninsule station, Rejean Hebert has been assigned to newscasts on the Acadian Peninsula for many years.

He worked for a long time with the Association des Radios Communotire Acadiennes du Nouveau-Brunswick and wrote articles for the weekly magazine. Star.

CKRO’s general manager, Donald Noel, speaks of the great loss to the station and the journalist community.

Régine contributed much to radio and general information on the Acadian Peninsula. »

A quote Donald Noel, CEO of CKRO

He was looking for news. He was a hard worker and he was imposing. His loss will leave a great void as many knew him.Commented passionately.

He further informed that ongoing psychological measures are being taken with the station staff.

We also saw Réjean Hebert on a few occasions at CHAU-TV, the TVA station in Caraquet.

Gardening enthusiast

The 60-year-old has written two books on gardening and his passion for horticulture. Garden Tour 1 and 2Published by Éditions de la Francophonie in 2010 and 2012. He has also published columns on the subject in newspapers. New Acadia And Star.

In 2002, he was awarded the title of Gardener of the Year by the prestigious magazine Canadian Gardens of Toronto.

Francis Sonnier knew him through CKRO and Éditions de la Francophonie.

As an information officer at CKRO, he recruited missing persons in 1993.

Hearing a voice for almost 30 years, this absence is sure to be missed. It creates a vacuum. It is sad that the media community is shocked and dies like thisAlso refers to the publisher of Acadé Nouvelle and the general manager of Éditions de la Francophonie.

He is an avid gardener and an enthusiast in general. He was demanding and he wanted to make things better, always going further. His property has been converted into an estate. This is extraordinaryFrancis Sonnier continues.