April 21, 2024

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Convicted of making death threats against Legault, Arruda and Trudeau

Terrepon was found guilty of plotting to assassinate Prime Ministers Franois LeCald and Justin Trudeau.R. Horacio Arruda at the heart of the epidemic.

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Patrick Dussault received a suspended sentence in Saint-Jérôme Court on Tuesday. In other words, he will avoid prison, but that decision will be added to his criminal record.

The sentence follows a joint recommendation by his attorney, Olivier Malo, and Crown attorney, Audrey Simard. He was given 18 months probation with certain conditions.

“On the brush”

The 42 – year – old, after drinking half a bottle of rum when he was “in the brush” in November 2020, began discussing health measures in Messenger with the wife of one of his work colleagues, he said Tuesday. During his trial.

That evening, Dassault stated in writing that the provisions in place to prevent the spread of Govt-19 were unconstitutional and that the government was setting up concentration camps and seeking to arm itself with the tribal people and to build politics. Movement. The 40-year-old said there was no government and that the government was run by people other than incumbent politicians.

“I want to To kill Legault, Arruda and Trudeau. They are guilty of crimes against humanity, ”he wrote with a smiling emoji.

Not a bad idea

Concerned about the seriousness of his comments, the conspirator’s co-worker contacted authorities to reprimand him. Dassault was arrested a week later by Sûreté du Québec.

Kill It means “Stop, Modify, Repair, Upgrade”. I do not want to hurt anyone. ”I tried to justify the forties just before receiving his sentence.

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Patrick Dussault In the past, including stories of dealing with justice, obstructing a peace officer, seizing property acquired by crime, intent to break in and possession of drugs.

– With Christian Bluff

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