Counseling activities | Godrej is quiet on its customer list

Between 2017 and 2021, on Monday, six days before the municipal election, Denise Coder declined to disclose a complete list of clients who were allowed to earn millions of dollars a year.

Philip DeSira-Lessard

Philip DeSira-Lessard

In addition to the already known orders, the mayoral candidate confirmed at a press conference that he had received contracts from other companies, but argued that their content should not be disclosed.

“I had other warrants and these warrants and I will release them in due course. I have secret deals, ”he said. “There’s a question about competitiveness and there’s an organizational question. So I value it.”

When will it release its full list of customers? If elected on November 7, Mr. will obey the law and complete the notice of interest. Kodare argued. “I am going to present all of this and there will be no contradiction in interest,” he said. “There will be no hiding places. ”

After his defeat in 2017, the former mayor accepted various orders: he worked specifically for Stingray, the International Automobile Federation (FIA), the Jewish General Hospital Foundation, and the Felix and Paul Special Effects studio. Representative of Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) in Eurostar group. These deals were already known when he returned to politics. The other orders are just not clear.

On Monday, he confirmed that he had earned “at least twice” (about $ 198,000 by 2020) more than the Montreal mayor’s salary by working as a consultant. “I made a lot of money. I was happy,” said Denise Goderre. [en politique] For the money, I’m coming back because I love Montreal. ”

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Last month, Press In 2018, when he received an order from Stingray, Denise Goderre created a “management and consulting firm”, 9377-4750 Quebec Inc. From baseball to Montreal.

In the same article, Mr. Kodare promised his former clients that they would not return the lift if elected. He reiterated this pledge on Monday.

The graffiti was cleaned in 24 hours

Denise Koder had arranged her press conference on Monday morning to resolve the issue of the cleanliness of the streets of Montreal. He specifically said that his management would promise to clean up every graffiti in Montreal within 24 hours of notifying 311.

“Cleaning is everyone’s business. We want to provide tools for this city to regain its splendor, ”he said. “If we want to get an audience, we have to clean up.”

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